5 May 2011

US gives propaganda boost for Al-Qa`ida

Did the Americans recently discover that hardly anyone in the Middle East supports or emulates Bin Laden and got upset about it? They've given Al-Qa`ida such a boost by what increasingly looks like they just killed Bin Laden in cold blood and then threw his body into the sea. Apparently they did this because they didn't want his grave to be turned into a shrine by his followers, they obviously don't know that Wahhabis are fiercely opposed to shrines and even graves. But what is particularly insulting is that they claim they gave him an 'Islamic burial', as if they think dumb Muslims don't know that there's no such thing as an Islamic burial at sea. I don't think most Muslims care if Bin Laden got a proper Islamic burial or not BUT if you're going to say that you dealt with the body in line with Islamic law then you should actually do so. It would have been better PR to just say ok we just threw his body in the sea instead of giving us these lies. They're helping turn Bin Laden into a tragic martyr figure which is not welcome. Being killed by vicious thugs doesn't change the fact that he was a fanatical murderer who the world is better off without.

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