5 May 2011

Hamas stupidity

The idiotic statement of Ismail Haniyah gets its own article in the New York Times. They should know that Israel's propagandists in the Western media will leap to exploit something like this. Of course the Saudi government (and March 14 in Lebanon) is full of fans of Bin Laden who've also attacked his killing, but they're American allies so their statements aren't even reported anywhere in the Western media. Saudi Arabia even made a fan of Bin Laden their ambassador to the US in 2005 and the Americans never complained. In fact the British press made more of a fuss about it.  See this interview with the New York Times for example:

I felt offended, frankly. I had spent my life in the intelligence business for nearly 30 years, so it was kind of a slap in the face to be accused not only of financing terrorism but of fostering it -- and even some people have accused me of having established Al Qaeda myself.

You've met Osama bin Laden?

I met him five times. At that time, which was in the mid-80's and late 80's, he was a very shy person, very self-effacing, extremely sparse in his words and generally a do-gooder, someone who brought financial and medical and other support to the Afghan mujahedeen.

So how did he acquire such bruising rage?

You put the right word, rage, this rage that is very cool-headed and calculating. How can I explain it? I am not a psychiatrist. No one can sit and have him on the couch for interviews.

Or here he is with CNN. The guy always talks like he 1. feels nostalga for his time with Bin Laden and 2. still seems to know everything about him another example:

BLITZER: And you're one of the few leaders who's actually met Osama bin Laden.

AL-FAISAL: I did. I met... him when, if you like, he was a good guy...

BLITZER: Do you think he's some place on that border of Pakistan probably?

AL-FAISAL: Well, I think he moves from both sides. When he feels threatened in Pakistan, he goes to Afghanistan.

BLITZER: And do you think he's still giving orders and commands?

AL-FAISAL: I do. I do --

BLITZER: How does he do that?

AL-FAISAL: Well, by messenger sometimes. Sometimes they use one of -- digital message.

BLITZER: And this notion that he's a sick man, has got kidney problems --

AL-FAISAL: No, no. No, no, no, no. It -- it's all -- it's all notions. He's -- he's in good health.

Oh and note how to make the article appear impartial they put a token Arab name on top as the author. But then you scroll down to the bottom and find "Isabel Kershner contributed reporting from Ramallah, West Bank."

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