15 October 2011

Wahabi idiots

Ever noticed that Wahabbis (or 'Salafis' as they're sometimes being called now in the Western media, inaccurately) are always benefiting the forces of imperialism with their actions. Now they're busy attacking innocent Christians in Egypt giving the terrible Military Council excuses for repression and causing fitna amongst revolutionaries.
Saudi Arabia is essentially a British Empire creation (since adopted by the Americans). The first two Saudi states were attempts at destablising the Ottoman Empire and both collapsed despite British support, likewise with Ibn Saud (Britain ...paid him a salary of £5,000 a month). Wahabism is imperialism's favourite kind of religion (seeing how they've mostly accepted secularising the Muslim world isn't going to happen), irrational hatred of everyone which would barely exist were it not for the Western powers' unflinching support for the House of Saud. They don't want bombs going off in London but they've decided spreading fanatical lunacy around the region to 1. Divert Muslims away from jihad against tyrants and invaders and 2. To spread fitna and stupidness as Wahabis always do. The fact that doing do has the side effect of the occasional person going route and attacking their creators is a price worth paying (especially since they usually aren't capable of carrying out any real effective attack on Western imperialism on their own and just resort to random killing of civilians Zionist style). God willing we shall prevail against them all.

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