28 February 2011

Looking for a friend in Libya

Clinton sounds irritated that none of the Libyan revolutionaries want to talk to her. Meanwhile the French Ambassador to the UN declares the sanctions are "a warning to all leaders who would be tempted to use repression against this WIND OF CHANGE"

Satanic Foreign Minister resigns

They probably wouldn't have dared send her to Tunisia again. The last Tunisian Foreign Minister (who'd only just got the job) was forced to resign after protests against his meeting with her.

Quran on martyrs

And say not of those who are slain in God's cause, "They are dead": nay, they are alive, but you perceive it not.
And most certainly shall We try you by means of danger, hunger, loss of worldly goods, of lives and of [labour's] fruits. But give glad tidings unto those who persevere in adversity
Who, when calamity befalls them, say, "Verily, unto God do we belong and, verily, unto Him we shall return."
It is they upon whom their Sustainer's blessings and grace are bestowed, and it is they who are on the right path. (2:154-157)


Volunteers on Tunisia's border with Libya offer food and shelter to refugees fleeing violence. In Tunisia, an army of volunteers rushes to aid Libyans

Battle of Benghazi

This is the day Benghazi was liberated. Qathafi's
forces fight Libyan revolutionaries like Israelis fight Palestinians.

Not racist

"Residents of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc near Jerusalem are demanding a bus driver be dismissed because he is Arab" but they "stressed that the complaint was not motivated by anti-Arab racism." Just like Israel is not a racist state.

This is funny

The Israeli media sometimes sounds like something out of Ba`thist Iraq. They just can't stop lying. The best bit "Netanyahu had told them to support the democratic revolutions underway across the region, especially in Egypt" Ok. I really believe that.

Zawiya has been liberated

But pro-regime forces have surrounded it may try to retake the city. I doubt they'll succeed but many will die if they try. Pray that God makes it easy for the revolutionaries.

Sky on Battle of Benghazi

I don't like Sky News. But I've always thought that their Middle East correspondent Dominic Waghorn does far more professional reporting on the Israel/Palestine conflict (his usual job) than the BBC; who lately might as well have saved the licence fee payer money and left it to Mark Regev. Here he is doing some good reporting on Libya (Waghorn, not Regev).

27 February 2011

Oman is catching up

I'm sure the bit about the protesters supposedly being loyal to the King was put in to avoid Qatari government pressure. Al-Jazeera has its flaws.

Winds of Change getting ambitious

John McCain believes the Winds of Change may leave the Arab world and could strike China. Does he have an informer?

The Saudi Opposition

"...the opposition has been largely co-opted or destroyed. For the past 10 years, the Saudi government has systematically gone after al-Qaeda cells on its territory and has rooted out suspected supporters in the military and the national guard..."

According to the Washington Post, opposition to the House of Saud = Al-Qaeda.

Only slightly wounded a baby

"In a home nearby, a baby was hit in the head by fragments, though medics said the injury was slight." If a 7-month-old Israeli girl was wounded in a Palestinian bombing attack would the New York Times ever dismiss her injury as 'slight'?

Stop the presses, something's going off around the oil

The New York Times barely noticed that at least 23 (not 16, they couldn't even be bothered to check the figure as keeping count of murdered Arabs isn't important though they know exactly how many Israelis were killed by Palestinians and all their names) Iraqi protesters were shot dead by state security of their "democracy" on Friday and at least 50 in the last couple of weeks. But the bombing of an oil refinery that killed one is very well reported.

More NYT propagandising for Israel

The New York Times credits an Israeli with inspiring the Libyan revolutionaries and reports that "when the Qaddafi regime falls, the liberated Libyans would dance to" some Israeli's spoof video.

New York Times too busy with propagandising for Israel

"With revolts toppling governments across the Middle East and peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians suspended..." the New York Times decides to publish a stupid propaganda piece about the Chilean miners visit to Israel. They're really no different to Saudi newspapers and their "guess who greeted Saudi Prince #426 at Riyad airport yesterday" stories.

Israel investigates Israel and finds Israel innocent

Apparently it was "unforeseen" that dropping a 1 ton bomb on an apartment block in a residential area of one of the most crowded cities on Earth would lead to civilian casualties and there was no "disregard or indifference to human lives" in doing this.

Al-Ghannushi resigns

The pioneering Tunisian people continue to lead the way.

New Development on the Winds of Change

Wow breaking news everyone from the Los Angeles Times on the notorious Winds of Change. They even have a sketch of the windy culprit for us. Apparently the Winds of Change takes the form of a tornado, and can only be stopped with some nifty rope skills. Apparently "The good news is that a great many of America's allies have already started down the path of reform. Six years ago, King Abdullah II of Saudi Arabia began a gradual but comprehensive program of reform." Yes at this rate Saudi Arabia may even become a democracy by the year 3000.

Everyone stand to attention, Great Philosopher BHL has arrived

"Not once during the evening do I spot an anti-western slogan." Of course you didn't oh Philosopher, because you do not speak or read Arabic. "But what about anti-Israel?" Apparently not either, because when Al-Jazeera broadcasted 1-2 million Egyptians chanting in unison "To Jerusalem we go, martyrs in the millions. Today Egypt, tomorrow Palestine" you didn't ask what they were chanting because you don't want to know.

26 February 2011

Bernard Lewis is still around?

And he's as racist as ever. Arabs are "simply not ready for free and fair elections", and the cause of the uprisings is "in the Muslim world, casual sex, Western-style, doesn’t exist... vast numbers of young men growing up with raging sexual desire... it can lead to the suicide bomber, who is attracted by the virgins of paradise". Lewis was last seen predicting an imminent Muslim takeover of Europe, don't know what happened with that. I like this quote "I am told that the Israeli daily [radio] program in Persian is widely listened to all over Iran with rapt attention." I'm sure you are told that. This is the United States' foremost Middle East scholar.


Such a racist article and complete nonsense. See how they wait to the very end of it for them to quote an Egyptian saying this American guy is not the inspiration of the uprising Arabs are capable of thinking for themselves and the writer patronisingly dismisses the ignorant native. According to the BBC Arabs couldn't possibly have thought up such tactics as "Use oppressive or brutal acts by the regime as a recruiting tool for your movement" on their own, only Westerners have the cognitive capabilities to think up such things. So they've gone and discovered the source of all this.

Blair involved in Libya?

And I've just stumbled on this omnious development:

15.00 UN to discuss what action should be taken against Libya. Rumours circulate that former British PM Tony Blair - a UN Middle East peace envoy - has warned Gaddafi this is his "last chance".

Sky sources are reporting that former prime minister Tony Blair has told Col Gaddafi: "This is the last chance for a peaceful resolution."

Now why does that sound really sinister? What the hell is Blair up to this time. He is such a devil.


"If Tony Blair brings much more peace to the Middle East, there will be nobody left alive."

US intervention in Libya

There's been a lot of talk amongst the Third Worldist anti-imperialist types about the US wanting to intervene in Libya possibly through the UN and that they're engineering this uprising. This is silliness. Yes of course the US doesn't care about human rights they care about the oil and is no doubt trying to interfere in events, but that's why they support the Qathafi regime and are very unhappy that a popular uprising is now in control of much of the country. In Hasan Nasrallah's speech on the Egyptian uprising a couple of weeks ago there was a good part where he said what the US cares about is its and Israel's interests and not who is in power and couldn't care less what their ideological rhetoric is, they only care about whether they will go along with the US/Israeli agenda in the region or not. Likewise the US and its "partners" don't give a damn about Qathafi's rhetoric so long as he allows Western oil corporations access to Libya's oil, which he does. The reason why they're reacting far more aggressively to this uprising than Egypt's despite Libya being a less important country is that they're feeling imminently threatened by what's happening in Libya because unlike Egypt the Libyans are actually overthrowing their regime and could potentially replace it with something the US can't control. This is totally different from Egypt where the only substantial achievement is forcing the resignation of Mubarak (and that is a real achievement) but the regime itself is still very much intact for the time being with the Military Council ruling the country. These claims that the US stands to benefit from or has in any way orchestrated the unrest in Libya are just silly and quite sinister.

I don't know if
Libya was responsible for Lockerbie or not and I really don't care. Even if it were true it would be miniscule compared to all of Qathafi's other crimes. Qathafi has already massacred thousands of his own people and he expelled 30,000 Palestinians from Libya in 1995, anyone who expels and/or abuses the Palestinians deserves to be overthrown as far as I'm concerned.  The UK media is only peddling these stories about Lockerbie again because the UK government (and the governments of the US and EU) are trying to convince everyone that they have just discovered now that Qathafi is a criminal dictator and didn't realise before. They never seriously criticised Qathafi for the last 10 years ever since the Clinton-Blair initiative to turn him into an ally especially since 2003 when he overtly joined the US-backed tyrants club.

Contrary to what some naive leftists seem to believe Qathafi was never part of the pan-Arab movement nor did he try to unite Africa against Western imperialism other than dishing out a load of stupid narcissistic sloganeerings. The US is really taken aback by events and has little influence, their "experts" on the Middle East nowadays are completely clueless, just look at Jeffrey Feltman lately. There's no evidence of CIA fronts leading the revolutionaries. Although we should be vigilant also remember that the US/Israel often encourages propaganda stories of it being behind uprisings against regimes they support to give Arabs an exaggerated impression of US power in the region to make them feel defeatist and that Arabs can never influence their own destinies. Ever noticed how whenever something inspiring happens in the Arab world the US tries to have people believe that it was behind it? As if Arabs are incapable of doing inspiring things of their own accord.
The only reason the US would be thinking about intervening in Libya is to save the regime, not necessarily Qathafi himself I mean ensure that Libya has a regime that goes along with the US agenda.

Is it a coincidence that the US has just announced unilateral sanctions on Libya just as a popular uprising has taken over most of the country? How could anyone think the sanctions are principally aimed at Qathafi, they've had years to put in place sanctions when he was in full control but didn't but now do so when he's mostly irrelevant outside Tripoli and some small towns and may not even last there much longer. I've always maintained that the US would send in troops to save key Arab regimes (including Egypt's) if they thought they were seriously threatened and that it had a reasonable chance of working. Though obviously they would dress it up as somehow being motivated by humanitarian concerns. But there is no similarity with Iraq in 2003 at all, here they're thinking about intervention to save a client-regime not to overthrow a regime they didn't like.
They get all that they want with Qathafi in power, all they want is to secure the oil and it's secure under Qathafi who has done everything wanted of him.

The NFSL is not behind the uprising. It doesn't seem to operate except in the US and there's absolutely no evidence that they even exist in Libya nevermind have the slightest influence. That the US would be happy for such unrest and popular forces taking control in an important oil producing Arab state ruled by an obedient US-client dictator is just madness. They are very upset at this.
The Libyan representatives at the UN and former Qathafi ministers who're defecting and some calling for intervention have nothing to do with the uprising at most they're just trying to hijack it. They're just opportunists jumping off a sinking ship, they want intervention because they feel that Qathafi the person is going down and want the Americans to save them from their own people, who will not forget that they willingly worked for the Qathafi regime. As if they also didn't know it was a criminal dictatorship until now.

Arabs are democracy's new pioneers

Just look at that headline. Tell me two months ago you'd believe that any major Western newspaper would publish such a thing.

Cut the Royals

"An anti-monarchy poster that shows a guillotine hovering over the blood-stained heads of Prince William and Kate Middleton has caused outrage in Tottenham." If you're sick of this stupid royal wedding which seems to be just a way to tell people to be happy and not worry about the state cutting their throats... well it's extremism isn't it. It's a shame the English don't really do Days of Rage. The best we can muster up is a Day of Mild Reprove. Still, looking forward to March 26th.

25 February 2011

Livni's lies

The Washington Post gets Tzipi Livni to say I like democracy but it's dangerous and can be used in a bad way (like by Arabs) and demands that they all prove their "commitment to the rule of law... adherence to international agreements" before being allowed democracy. Wait. This is the same person who just a month ago was quoted as telling the PA negotiators "I am against law. International law in particular. Law in general." Just looking through her criteria for regimes with elections to be considered truly democratic/not subject to international sanctions; that they "in word AND DEED" renounce violence, pursue aims by peaceful means, commit to the rule of law, equality before the law and adherence to international agreements; ALL of them rule out Israel. And if events continue on at this rate pretty soon Israel will be the only non-democracy in the Middle East. Livni's asking for it just like she was asking to be indicted for war crimes after going around boasting that she'd demanded the IDF 'demonstrate real hooliganism' in Gaza.

Tripoli protests

Video of march in Tripoli after Friday prayers today. Sounds like gunshots at 1:50.

Tunisian Revolution continues

Some of the biggest demonstrations in Tunisia yet were held today demanding that the last remnants of Bin `Ali's regime be swept away. The pioneering Tunisian people lead the way.

23 killed in Iraqi protests

But I thought Iraq was now a democracy? The Western media are still mostly ignoring the Iraqi demonstrations after totally ignoring it over the last couple of weeks when only 20 were killed over the space of a fortnight and Arab lives aren't worth that much to bother reporting on that. You need to kill at least 10 Arabs in one day for the Western media to pay the slightest attention.

Now Gaddafi blames hallucinogenic pills mixed with Nescafe and bin Laden for uprisings

One of Daily Mail's more lunatic headlines of late, and the funny thing is this one is actually true. They're not misrepresenting Qathafi at all, he really did claim that Osama bin Laden was behind the uprising and had somehow put drugs into Nescafe coffees to make people go crazy in a devious scheme to overthrow him.

Al-Qaeda is back

CNN is again backing Qathafi's "Osama bin Laden is behind this" claim.

More crimes of Qathafi

Some very omnious reports of massacres in Tripoli now after demonstrations began after Friday prayers. The martyrs are God's beloved.

Israeli racism

"There is more than a reasonable suspicion that Iran was involved in the unrest in Bahrain." Yeah, most of the demonstrators were Shia. What more evidence do you need that Iran was behind it?

Yemen protests

Huge demonstrations happening in Yemen right now. Yes it's another one of those "Arab Republics" the New York Times says are facing all the trouble (unlike the wonderful Arab monarchies) where the President for 32 years is promising his son won't succeed him to try and appease anti-regime forces.

When they finish the prayer in the video they're chanting "The people want the overthrowing of the regime", albeit a bit out of synch.

Those terrible Arab Republics

So according to the New York Times the lesson from the Arab uprisings is that the US should support Arab monarchies rather than Arab republics because the "republics" have seen the worst trouble. For example the Egyptian Republic with its President Hosni Mubarak and his successor his son Gamal Mubarak. Or the Libyan Republic with its President Mu`amar Al-Qathafi and his successor his son Saif Al-Islam Al-Qathafi. Or the Tunisian Republic ruled by the Bin `Ali family. See?

Culprit of the day

Culprit of the day: Who is behind the Libyan uprising today? Glenn Beck has discovered that UK Uncut is behind it. Who will it be tomorrow?

Well done

Statistics show the snow was even worse than originally thought. But don't worry everyone, George Osborne knows what he's doing.

Someone's taught Tony Blair how to pronounce 'shukran' correctly now?

Tony Blair claims to have "a hugely advanced understanding" of the Middle East, "a unique perspective on the issues due to the amount of time he was able to dedicate to it" and that "I'm probably the only person at a certain level who spends time in Israeli and in Palestinian politics." So how many words of Arabic have you memorised now oh Great Expert Tony? 5?

The Winds of Change Return

Am I too much of a conspiracy theorist to suspect that it's not just a massive coincidence that across the world pro-US media, commentators and politicians are all using the exact language (down to using the exact same metaphor) when talking about these uprisings? Or am I misunderstanding things, maybe the Winds of Change is not a metaphor at all? Is there a revolutionary organisation called the Winds of Change who is behind all these uprisings? That would explain it. Some committee in the US government has probably drawn up some talking points for how to deal with the Arab uprisings, something like "The winds of change are blowing across the Arab world. Reform is needed. Violence is to be condemned. Call for restraint from both sides. The Peace Process must not be hindered. The Arab world deserves prosperity and security. Important that the peace treaty with Israel is maintained. Don't mention democracy or call for free elections. Praise the Saudi regime." and sent them out to their allies, who all just quote bits from it and hope no one will notice that it's a bit weird for them to all be coming out with the exact same rhetoric independently.

This is a classic

To represent the feelings of the Arab anti-regime demonstrators and revolutionaries the New York Times chooses... Saudi Billionaire Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, who then goes on to praise the Saudi regime as going in the right direction. You'll never guess what metaphor he uses to describe recent events. Yes "The winds of change are blowing across our region with force, and it would be folly to suppose that they will soon dissipate." ARGHHHRGH.

Above is a picture of one of his cars. It is covered in diamonds (I'm sure they have some operational use).

Poor US was duped

"human rights groups and some Libyan opposition leaders are asking whether the United States was duped in 2003 into propping up one of the world's most repressive regimes."

Or rather that the United States knowingly propped up one of the world's most repressive regimes so long as it went along with the US agenda in the region. When the House of Saud falls the WP will wonder whether the US was 'duped' into propping them up for generations.


CNN basically mimicks Qathafi's lunatic propaganda but in a more sophisicated way. How dare he conjure up fantasies about an Al-Qaeda threat to justify his crimes. Doesn't Qathafi know that Al-Qaeda™ is a registered trademark of the US and its "Western partners" and him using it to justify repression and killing is a serious breach of copyright laws? No wonder CNN is so offended.

24 February 2011

Culprit of the day

Culprit of the day: Who is behind the Libyan uprising today? Alas, it is no longer the ruler of the Islamic Republic of Darna. Qathafi is now blaming Osama bin Laden. Who will it be tomorrow?

Iran Opinion Poll

Key findings from national telephone survey of 702 Iranians
between August 30 and Sept 7, 2010 include:

• Iranians divided on government’s performance.
• Dissatisfied with economy.
• Worry over sanctions and isolation.
• Want to focus on domestic affairs.
• Favor closer ties to the West.
• Rising tensions sparked hostility toward the US, Europe
and UN.
• Favor nuclear arms and do not want to back deals to
halt enrichment.
• Independent polls do not contradict official turnout of 2009
election, which gave around 60% of vote to Ahmadinejad.
• Support to religious institutions remains substantial but majority
expect democratization.

Misuratah has been liberated

Opponents of Moammar Kadafi are said to have taken control of Misurata, Libya's third largest city and where Kadafi traditionally has maintained strong tribal support.

Libyan soldiers executed

The martyrs are God's beloved.

In Defence of Squatting

23 February 2011

Condoleeza Rice on Qathafi

"Libya is an important model as nations around the world press for changes in behavior by the Iranian and North Korean regimes... We urge the leadership of Iran and North Korea to make similar strategic decisions that would benefit their citizens," she said in 2006.

He has killed too many

As the death toll reaches 1,000, the UN takes a stand against Qathafi. According to latest reports Bin `Ali killed 219 people and Mubarak 384 people (at least) but the UN did not issue any statement against them. So it's ok to kill a few hundred Arab civilians, but when you kill 1,000 then you've gone too far and will be condemned. I'm sure the UN and many governments have some sort of formula for how precious some peoples are as compared to others and how many civilians from a certain people it is acceptable to kill. 1,000 seems to be a magic number for killing Arabs. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006 (killing 1,191 Lebanese) and bombed Gaza in 2008-09 (killing 1,400 Palestinians) they kept on killing UNTIL the civilian death toll got to 1,000 then on both occasions they seem to have decided ok that's enough we better wrap this up now don't want to get excessive. UN to Qathafi: You criminal. You should only have killed 500 Arabs.

Italian lunacy

Italy is worried about “the rise of an Islamic emirate” in Eastern Libya and “This radical Islamism worries us because it is only a few hundred kilometers from the European Union.” Need any more proof that "radical Islamism" or whatever is simply a euphemism for when Muslims get out of control?

March in Tripoli Last Night

A couple of videos here.

On the Iranian ships going through the Suez Canal

Can I remind/inform people that these ships set sail for the canal on the 26th of January, i.e. THE DAY AFTER the Egyptian uprising started and two days before it became really significant. So unless the Iranian navy has amazing operational readiness and was able to organise an international naval mission within 24 hours and are such geniuses that they predicted on the 26th of January that by the time they arrived at Suez 4 weeks later a revolution in Egypt would have happened it would seem that the events are coincidental.

Present Situation in Libya

Thought this would be best explained with a map.

Everything East of the green line is now totally under the control of the anti-regime forces including the Libyan/Egyptian border. The Egyptian uprising has been essential as if Mubarak were still safe in charge it would have been closed but now people are coming over the border in both directions regularly and that's been a great help. The Egyptian village of Sallum just at the other side of the border is being used as a media centre as the internet has been cut off in Libya but Libyans are just going over to Sallum and using it there to spread information. Also supplies and medicine to the eastern cities is coming over from Egyptian volunteers constantly.

The city of Tobruk (the last major stop until Egypt) has been under the complete control of the anti-regime forces since Monday, it has a large military base and the army is on their side now. Darnah was taken by the anti-regime forces on Saturday-Sunday that's where Saif Al-Islam Al-Qathafi claimed there was a ruler of the Islamic Republic of Darnah or whatever. Al-Baydah however still seems to be under the control of forces loyal to Qathafi, the only city in the East the anti-regime forces haven't taken yet, although Al-Jazeera is reporting the military command of the province of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar (Al-Baydah is its capital) has joined the anti-regime forces. There was a massacre of demonstrators in the city on Tuesday at least 40 people were killed by Qathafi's forces.

Benghazi is Libya's 2nd city, the heart of the uprising and has been under the complete control of the anti-regime forces for a week now. It has been bombed by Qathafi's airforce like in a war and there have been reports of battleships shelling it from the coast but this is unconfirmed.
Al Jawf is something of an isolated tribal town around an oasis otherwise in the middle of huge desert. The tribe there has joined the uprising and has helped secure the border with Egypt.

There is a push for Ras Lanuf going on right now and is just outside the anti-regime forces' territory. Ras Lanuf has some of the countries largest oil refineries. Surt is Qathafi's hometown and is a stronghold of the regime, there have been some demonstrations there and deaths but they seem to have been on a relatively small scale. Sabha is another stronghold of the regime but it and surrounding area's population is about 150,000 so it doesn't matter a great deal what happens there.

There are major clashes going on in Misuratah, Libya's third largest city. It had been relatively quiet until yesterday, reports that over a dozen people were killed by Qathafi's forces. Whether the momentum will continue has yet to be seen. It's difficult to know what's happening in Zuwarah, there have been larger anti-regime demonstrations there than in most of the western areas. There are reports in the last few hours that Qathafi has sent his airforce to bomb that city as well, don't know for sure what's happening though. There have definitely been explosions though.

And of course there's Tripoli Libya's capital. There hadn't been major demonstrations there at first the uprising really kicked off in Benghazi, but that has changed dramatically in the last few days. As of now Qathafi has lost control of about 30% of the city and is losing more territory by the day it seems though this could be reversed. Very serious clashes going on with about 100 martyred the last 36 hours alone.

Winds of Change

Libya not immune to winds of change

Winds of change in the Arab world

"The only thing I want to tell you here is that the winds of change are sweeping the Middle East," Arab League chief Amre Moussa, a former Egyptian foreign minister, told CNN.

It did not take a genius to observe the restlessness which was present for many years in Arab countries, now ravaged by the winds of change.

How infectious is this wind of change sweeping through North Africa? Will it blow south? Or continue to move east across the Middle East?

Winds of change

What is clear, though, is that winds of change are blowing across the Arab world that no one would have imagined possible just a couple of months ago.

Winds of change are sweeping through the Middle East, encompassing eastern Asia and northern Africa, triggering a series of political shifts in response to widespread discontent that once went unacknowledged.

Winds of change in Arab world

Those who said that "winds of change" were blowing through the Middle East were right... here is a look at where those "winds of change" are taking us.

Many supported the wind of change blowing over Arab countries but admitted having fears about the future of the region.

the winds of change continued to spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

Winds of change in the Middle East

The wind of democratic change that struck Ben Ali’s police state in Tunisia is shifting eastward towards Egypt.

his grip on power remains as fragile as the umbrella he is holding against the winds of change in his country.

Now stop it. Find a new metaphor.

"Winds of Change"

I'm sick of hearing about the "winds of change" in the Arab world. This metaphor needs to be banned. Try and count every time it's used in news reports/op-eds on the Arab uprisings. Be more original for God's sake.

Musa As-Sadr

The Lebanese Daily Star quotes a former Libyan colonel that Musa As-Sadr was murdered by Qathafi's agents in 1978. I don't believe the rumours Sadr is still alive. I don't see any point in Qathafi keeping him in prison for over thirty years rather than just killing him, and even if so he'd be 81 years old by now. However the story is still interesting, and it's worth people knowing about this crime of Qathafi.

22 February 2011

Qaradawi: Kill Qathafi

The very influential (though I don't like him) scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has called for Qathafi to be killed. His appearance on Al-Jazeera Arabic.

Qathafi's Snipers

Snipers firing on anti-regime demonstrators.

Libyan Foreign Minister

The Libyan Foreign Minister says if it's true that foreign mercenaries are killing protesters then he will set himself on fire.

سلام عليكم بِما صبرتم فنعم عقبى الدار

Peace be upon you, for that you persevered (13:24)

Hezbollah Statement on Libya

Anyone with honour and consciousness in this world cannot, and should not, keep silent on the massacres that the Qathafi regime is committing across the country on a daily basis, especially in Benghazi. Terror and violence do not protect a regime that was founded on corruption and crime, from the will and determination of a people that has taken its decisive decision.

Hizbullah strongly condemns crimes committed by the Qathafi regime against the oppressed Libyan people. We also offer our sincere condolences to the families of those who were unjustly killed, just for demanding their rights. Hizbullah expresses support to the revolutionaries in Libya and we pray that they will triumph over this arrogant tyrant.

The criminality of this tyrant had first struck us deeply as Lebanese, when he kidnapped the Imam of the resistance Sayyed Musa As-Sadr with his two dear companions. We ask Almighty God that the honorable revolutionaries in Libya would be able to liberate Imam Sadr and his companions, just as they would be able to free Libya from all of its chains.

No way?

Imam Musa As-Sadr still alive?

He disappeared in 1978 on a trip to Libya and was widely believed to have been assassinated by Qathafi. There are some crazy rumours going around that he's actually still alive in a Libyan prison and was transferred out on a small plane to an unknown location. If true that would be an incredible development but I stress could just be nonsense.

Crisis? What crisis?

I'm considering applying for a vacancy at the Al-Ahram Photoshopping Department

21 February 2011

Culprit of the day:

Culprit of the day: Who is behind the Libyan uprising today? Saif Al-Islam Al-Qathafi is now blaming "groups that have set up an Islamic emirate in Baida... and another person who declared himself to be the ruler of the Islamic Republic of Darna."

David Cameron in Egypt

What is going on...? This can't be good news.

Aaron Porter to step down

Define Imperialism:

An 80 year old British billionaire worrying about whether he'll have to move his car races after a load of Arabs get shot.

Libyan flag

This is the old flag of Libya, the anti-regime forces seem to have re-adopted it.

Culprit of the day

Culprit of the day: Who is behind the Libyan uprising today? Citing "trusted sources" the Libyan official news agency is blaming "Egyptian and Tunisian... Turks, Palestinians, Syrians and Sudanese nationals... and... Major General Amos Yadlin--the former head of the the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate."

Saif Al-Islam Al-Qathafi

Gave an insulting speech basically saying Libyans are incapable of ruling the country without him and his father in charge and if they don't stop there will be civil war. He accused the opposition demonstrators of being from an "Islamic" group or on drugs. Of course he showed no remorse for the hundreds of people he has killed and even vowed to kill more.

Libya deaths

The death toll in Libya is now reportedly 233. The martyrs are God's Beloved.

Speech of Hasan Nasrallah at ceremony marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Abbas Al-Musawi

I take refuge in God against the stoned devil. In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to God, The Lord of the world. Peace be on the Seal of prophets - our Master and Prophet Abi Al Qassem Mohammad - and on his chaste and pure Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers.

First we salute the souls of our martyrs – the chaste pure souls – especially the souls of the leader martyrs and to their souls we offer the reward of Surah Al-Fatiha.
Scholars, brothers and sisters! Peace be upon you all and God's mercy and blessing. I welcome you on this day on which we mark one of the dearest occasions in our jihadi and religious life.

First I would like to extend my regards to the families of the martyrs: the family of our master Hezbollah Secretary General martyr leader His Eminence Sayyed Abbas Mussawi, the family of the struggling sacrificing faithful chaste martyr Um Yasser Mussawi and martyr Hussein, the family of our dear Sheikh martyr leader – the Sheikh of the Islamic Resistance martyrs – Sheikh Ragheb Harb, the family of the great jihadi leader, the leader of victories and the prince of battlefields – Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, Hajj Ridwan – May God bless all their souls. 

This occasion today coincides with a number of occasions which we must mention before ushering in my speech. One of these occasions is the great occasion of the birth of the great Prophet – the seal of prophets Abi Al Qassem Mohammad Bin Abdullah. As you know there are several views. Some say the Prophet was born on 12 Rabi I, and others say he was born on 17 Rabi I. this is a point of dispute. Imam Khomeini said: Let's change the point of dispute to a point of unity and concurrence. Let the week from 12 Rabi I to 17 Rabi I be a week for Islamic unity and days of meeting, cooperation and adherence between Muslims - all Muslim factions and all the followers of various Islamic sects. I offer my blessings on this occasion to all Muslims and I ask God Almighty to make us really among the followers of this great Prophet. 

Among the occasions of these days also is the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran on February 11th, 1979 which met this year with the occasion of the victory of the revolution of the Egyptian people and youths against the tyrant. It is a sign of good fortune that February 11th be a day of the collapse of the most important and powerful and the greatest allies of America and Israel in the region: the shah regime in Iran and the regime of Husni Mubarak in Egypt. 

Among the important occasions is the assassination of PM martyr Rafiq Hariri on February 14th, 2005. This bloody event had great and serious repercussions on the situation in Lebanon and the region which we are still living.

The occasion we meet to mark is the anniversary of our martyr leaders. When we mark their anniversary we don't aim to glorify them. They are not in need for any glorification or praise. We rather do that for our benefit and not for their sake. In marking the anniversary of the martyr leaders and all martyrs we sit in their presence and between their hands, and they are masters and teachers. We learn from them and inspire from their jihad and conduct. We are guided with their views and chaste souls. We also sit in their presence again to renew our oath and pledge to continue on the path they paved with their chaste blood. 

Last year I tackled some of the common points between these martyr leaders. Today I will add some of these common features between Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas Mussawi and Hajj Imad. They were the founders of this Resistance from the very first moments and days. They set the cornerstones of this Resistance. They made the first shouts and shots of the Resistance. Among their common features also is that they never lagged behind, abandoned, gave up or got tired or despaired. On the contrary, they had a permanent active, influential, productive and creative leading presence. They devoted their youth and lives to the Resistance. They sacrificed their own lives for this Resistance.

Moreover, these great leaders stand for the entire 30-year stage of the history of our Resistance. In a year the age of our Islamic Resistance will be exactly 30 years. They stand for the entire past 30 years of the history of the Resistance as well as the history of Lebanon and the region. Each one of them was a symbol at one of the stages. Their blood integrated and all through these thirty years used to give more power, awareness, determination, resolution, love, trust and certitude about the future and the stages of victory to come. We never viewed our martyrs, leaders and Resistance as independent from the general situation in Lebanon, the region and the nation. We’re a part and a continuation of the fighters, the Resistance leaders and the leader founders of the Lebanese Resistance on the top of whom comes His Eminence Imam Musa Sadr – may God restore him and both his friends - and many leaders in the Lebanese Resistance, the Palestinian Resistance and the Arab Resistance. We do not view our martyrs, leaders and Resistance but as part of this movement of awakening and awareness in the region and part of the resistance movement and the challenge. As is the case of Lebanon in the regional equations – it influences them and is influenced by them – the resistance movements, which we are proud of being and are still a part of, are the normal response. They are and are still the normal response of the peoples in the region to the invasions, occupations and the projects of hegemony and domination. 

The Resistance movements and the peoples of the region never attacked anybody or launched a war against anyone. Their project was never that of war and fighting. Rather they were aggressed against. Their lands and sanctities were invaded. Their honor and dignity were overstepped. Their independence and decision were confiscated. The Resistance movements in the region constituted and still constitute the only guarantee of achieving justice, stability and peace.

Allow me today to talk about justice and stability because what we are heading to in Lebanon in the coming few weeks comes under the title of the new American political invasion of Lebanon (they surely aren't allowed to do it militarily). I will start with a word on justice before talking for a while about the region, Israel and Lebanon. I have three topics. 

The Resistance movements alone achieve justice, stability and peace in the region. We agree that any peace in the region or any stability in the region or in Lebanon or in any other place in the world is naturally conditioned by justice and achieving justice. Peace and stability which are based on injustice, oppression, violation of the rights of others and harming the dignities of people cannot be a true peace and a permanent stability. Rather no soon it will fall and collapse. Accordingly we found our viewpoint and continue on our path and jihad. 

Let's go back to the very roots of the cause – as these days are the days of going back to the roots. The primary and essential problem in the region for more than 60 years has two phases or two integrating and complementary parts. 

The first part is the existence of the entity that is usurping occupied Palestine: Israel. The Zionist movement started the war. Neither the Palestinians, nor the Lebanese, nor the Syrians, nor the Jordanians, nor the Egyptians nor any people of the peoples in the region attacked the Jews or the Zionists or the followers of the Zionist project in any place in the world. Even if we went back hundreds of years in history we would find that the followers of Judaism used to live in the countries of the Arabs and Muslims in peace and security most of the times. At times they enjoyed more security than Muslims themselves who used to have problems with the successive sultans, rulers and governments. 

It's they who came to Palestine and the region. It's they who aggressed, killed, slaughtered, perpetrated crimes, burnt down houses and crops, confiscated properties and expelled a people from their land. It's they who started the war with absolute western support and adoption – that's not to talk about the Arab stance in 1948. It's they who launched wars of expansion towards the rest of Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. The resistance movements in Palestine and the region and the opposition governments were found as a right, honorable, national, religious and moral response to this occupation and all these crimes.

Thus we say that it's true that the logic of the resistance and the logic of justice is a normal condition for stability. What does justice require? Here I would like to address this speech also to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton who daily talk about justice and stability.
Justice has come to have two phases:

The first phase: Justice requires that rights be restored to their owners. That means that the land, properties, fields and houses must be returned to their owners who still keep the keys of their houses and dream of return. Justice requires that millions of Palestinians in exodus and Palestinian refugees in the land occupied since 1967 return to their land. Justice also requires that the Islamic and Christian sanctities be returned to their owners. Justice requires that the Palestinian people establish their state all over their land from the river to the sea. This is the first phase. The second phase of justice requires punishing war criminals, massacres' perpetrators and perpetrators of crimes against humanity. This is justice. Under such a justice, there would be unequaled peace, security and stability in the region. However, seeking fake peace through frustrating negotiations that offer more scandalous concessions which do not return any right to its owner but on the contrary rewards the criminals and the killers and offers awards to them can not achieve peace at all. How far is the US administration from justice and stability in the region! How far is the US administration and the western administrations also from returning rights to their owners and from establishing international tribunals to try Zionist war criminals who are rather receiving more support and protection and who are imposing their conditions on the Palestinians and are on the judicial and legal level enjoying in some western countries laws amendments so that no one may file a suit against an Israel general who is a war criminal. 

The second part of the problem in the region is this US-western system which was founded through a group of dictatorships which rule their peoples with a fiery iron fist. They have ruled their peoples for decades while being backed by political forces and cultural, media and religious elites. The mission of this US system in our region and countries is protecting the vital US interests on all domains: economic interests on top of which is fuel, political interests and security interests the core of which is Israel. Thus Israel was and is still the norm. the Quran teaches us about norms: {The kindest among you is the most pious}. The more man is away from sin and closer to obedience he would be kinder and closer to God . In comparison, the closer the regime in any Arab or Islamic country or organization or elite or group or political party or media outlet is to Israel, the more it preserves the interests of Israel and protects the security and peace of Israel, the closer and more important it would be to the successive US administrations. The norm of closeness and farness from America is not human rights, democracy or public freedoms; it is rather the service of our regimes in our region to Israel. If the regime is at even with Israel, defends Israel and protects Israel, it would be a strategic ally to the USA which protects it and offers it billions of dollars as various aids and let it do whatever it wants with its people. Let it be a dictatorship or a democracy. Let there be elections or not. Let there be freedoms or not. Let there be hundreds of thousands of prisoners. Let there be hundreds of thousands of graves. That is of no importance. What is important is that the regime offers the required services to Israel that constitutes the heart and the crown of the US project in the region. However if an Arab or Islamic regime which is a resisting or at least an opposing regime – even if it does not fight Israel but it does not submit and yield to Israel's conditions or sign a humiliating settlement – it will be subject to siege, sanctions, pressure, isolation and conspiracy. Let's not mention names and details. Hasn't this been the case for decades with the various successive regimes in our region? 

As we are still close to the occasion of February 11, I still remember that in the onset of the movement of Imam Khomeini in the early sixties and following some speeches which were followed with some demonstrations, a delegation from the SAVAK came to the Imam and told him: You can say whatever you want. There is no problem in that. We will not prevent you from speaking. Make speeches and issue statements. Do whatever you want but there are red lines which you may not approach: first America, second Israel and third the person of the Shah. As for the prime minister, the ministers, the parliament and the party, the mayors and servants who follow the Shah, there is no problem in saying anything about them. But the formers are red lines. The regime in Iran was an American regime. The Americans were the ones who used to run Iran. The Shah was just the face. It was an Israeli regime and not a strategic ally to Israel. However the Imam – who was clear courageous and bold - in his first speech following the meeting told the people that the SAVAK came and told him so and so. Here I am telling you: This revolution comes under the title of expelling America from Iran, expelling Israel from Iran and toppling the Shah who is a collaborator to America and Israel. Then they took him to the jail and he was about to be executed. According to US categorization, you are in the axis of good, righteousness and peace if you are with Israel and you are in the axis of evil and terrorism not if you fight Israel but simply if you refuse to submit to Israeli conditions.

Brothers and sisters! I will wrap up this title before moving to the title of Israel which is having support and is arrogant and tyrannical. The system of US regimes in the region led the peoples of our region and our nation to a state of despair in achieving any victory. In the seventies people felt that we entered the Israeli-US era and we can't get out from it. Israel is a final fait accompli and America is a great power. Consequently let's see what benefits we might achieve below this ceiling. 

The major blow to the resistance, opposition and Arab steadfastness project was the participation of the Egyptian regime in Camp David Agreement and consequently the emergence of Egypt from the Arab-Israeli struggle. However it is said: God tries and offers assistance at the same time. No soon the strongest earthquake in the region took place. It's the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran on February 11, 1979. This revolution indeed made a true earthquake: It severed the US hand in Iran and expelled the Americans who used to rule and run the minute daily details of life in Iran. It cut ties with Israel and turned the Israeli Embassy to a Palestinian Embassy. It turned from a strategic ally to Israel to a central strategic base that supports the project of the resistance and opposition in the region. That was a great historic and strategic change. Thus Iran was confronted with siege, sanctions, isolation and wars…

For thirty years, this confrontation lasted in our region and under very difficult conditions. Syria remained steadfast and the Palestinian people kept on resisting and fighting. Then the Resistance in Lebanon was given birth. In the past decade, great developments took place in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the past few months in Tunisia. However, in the past few days the greatest and most important development took place in Egypt in addition to what is taking place currently in more than one Arab country – Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan... However the greatest and most important event that took place in these few months is what took place on February 11th. Another regime in the US system collapsed before the will of the people, youth and faith. It is the regime of ousted Husni Mubarak. 

No doubt what took place in Egypt is historic and great. Here we must salute the Egyptian people, youth and revolution first for what they offered to the nation. Our Resistance and Hezbollah offer them special thanks because this revolution was the true reason behind the liberation of brethren captive Mohammad Mansour who is participating in our celebration and whom we welcome whole-heartedly. I hope when you see him that you recall the charges he was accused of: seeking to overthrow the regime of Husni Mubarak - Imagine that! This is one of the accusations. Others are shaking the security and stability in Egypt, spreading the sect of Shiites and turning Egypt to a Shiite state! These are the accusations which he was in fact accused of by the Egyptian courts. These are absurd accusations. The truth is what we said in all the stages which we spoke in about the case of brethren Sami Shehab and what was called Hezbollah cell in Egypt. We offer our thanks to Egypt and its people for freeing all these prisoners including our dear brethren. 

No doubt that what took place in Egypt is historic and very great. Today there is a great dispute. Where will the revolution lead to? What achievements will be made? Will it annul Camp David? We do not have enough time to say our views on this issue. However I may say that regardless of what will happen in Egypt, there are great changes in the post Husni Mubarak era that differ in essence and quality from what used to take place under Husni Mubarak’s regime. This is for sure. The most important repercussion is on Israel. Hereof, I usher to the second topic which is Israel. However I wrap up the first topic saying that the US system started to collapse and decline. Let's keep that in mind when we come to the topic of Lebanon because the story of Lebanon is not that of March 8 and March 14 Blocs. Then we will recall this system and the US project…

The most important repercussion is on Israel and on the entire US system in the region including Lebanon naturally. That's because Husni Mubarak left orphans in Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon. No doubt the region has entered a new stage. The enemy's Prime Minister Netanyahu talks about an earthquake with unpredictable repercussions. He is rightful because all the US, Israel and world intelligence bodies were taken by surprise with what took place in Tunisia, Egypt and the region. No doubt the greater loser in the developments and changes in the region are America - which is seeking to reduce its losses and to contain these changes – and Israel and the US system. So whoever links his fate and decision and future to the Americans is also a loser in what is and will take place. 

On the Israeli level, it is clear that there is a state of fear and worry in the Israeli entity. Great efforts are now being exerted to reconsider strategies. During the past 20 or 30 years they based their strategies on the fact that the southern front – according to them – which is adjacent to Egypt is a secure quiet front and that on the other side of the frontier there is a strategic strong and firm ally. Consequently they were reassured about this front. They did not need to work on the army structure or squads according to the possibility of a confrontation taking place with Egypt or tension with Egypt at least or a threat from the Egyptian frontier as a mere possibility. They were reassured that they had a strong guard at this frontier. Thus when we look at Occupied Palestine's map, we notice that during the past decades many military airports and air bases and other bases were moved from the north and the middle to the south of occupied Palestine on the basis that it is a secure area far from the sole remaining front with Lebanon and Syria. Now they have to reconsider the whole situation. They can't act on the basis that the south of occupied Palestine is an area which is by any means free from threat no matter what the situation in Egypt would be. 

On the other hand, the Israelis bet greatly on the Egyptian regime to control Gaza and the siege on it and on pressuring on the Palestinians to accept Israeli conditions. For long years, we used to hear from the Palestinian brethrens the magnitude of pressure which was practiced by the regime of Husni Mubarak and so and so who are affiliated to this regime on them to accept Israeli crusts. The Palestinians used to feel frustrated as a result of this pressure. Anyway, we all are aware of the position of the regime of Husni Mubarak from the war on Gaza. We are also aware – though we used not to talk much in the past because we did not like to cause trouble – of the role the regime of Husni Mubarak and other regimes which still exist but will collapse, God Willing, played during July 2006 War. Few days ago, the Israelis said that during July War, Mubarak contacted them and told them to carry on. "You are in the midway so why don't you carry on July war". No doubt the face of Husni Mubarak was among the faces in the Arab world which were humiliated after the resistance gained victory in July War.

Indeed the change is very great according to the Israelis even if Egypt did not fight because the new developments will always be a source of worry to the Israeli enemy and of fear from unexpected unforeseen changes in Egypt as was the overthrow of the regime. Here I will quote two words said by Israeli figures to affirm what I am saying. Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak said while talking about our borders: The whole region is changing before our eyes. We have seen what took place in Lebanon where the government has turned to an uncomfortable government for several reasons and is more affiliated to Hezbollah. We have also seen what took place in Tunisia and now in Egypt." So Barak is talking like some figures in the Lebanese internal speak to the effect of accusing the government beforehand of being the government of Hezbollah while it is not as such. Barak added: "I do not think that there are instant repercussions for the protests in Egypt; however it seems to us how much the region is unstable (Twenty years ago Israel used to enjoy stability, power and hegemony. It wanted to impose its conditions and ink settlement agreements with all the governments in the region). We witness protests in other countries in the region. We also witness that Turkey is changing. The peace agreement with Egypt still stands. There are no military repercussions on Israel." He is trying to reassure. 

In another place outgoing Israeli Chief of Staff Ashkenazi says: "The radical camp is mushrooming, and the circle of confrontation is becoming larger. However we are ready for the various kinds of threats. The radical camp is getting stronger. There are signs much prior to Egypt such as what is taking place in Lebanon and Turkey. Iran is behind most of the financing, arming, training and equipping of most of the terrorist movements in the region and not only here." He added: "The reasons behind that is the weakness of the moderate camp (the system we talked about a while ago) and the traditional Arab leadership. That also goes to a different interpretation of the US power in the region". This is the current Israeli status quo.

As for the Lebanese issue, I would like to tell you the following: Days ago a farewell ceremony was held for Ashkenazi during which he talked about his achievements in the army. He said that he organized the army during the past three years in a way that prevents the flops that took place during Lebanon War II and Gaza War. So the Chief of Staff who made the new army reconstruction acknowledged that there were flops in Lebanon War II and Gaza War though they used to talk about Gaza War as a great achievement for the Zionists. 

What are they talking about? The debate was always whether Israel would occupy Lebanon or not. The greatest achievement made by the Resistance is that it complicated the possibility of Israel occupying Lebanon or southern Lebanon. Brothers and sisters! Today there is a real debate in Israel and a true worry: Is the Resistance able to occupy north Palestine and control the Galilee region? Thus the Israeli Chief of Staff is obliged to make reassurances or else he is not obliged to go that far and evoke this issue and make reassurances.

The incoming Chief of Staff Benny Gantz made his first visit to the borders. On Monday he was appointed and on Tuesday he visited the borders with Lebanon accompanied with Barak to stretch muscles. What did Barak say? I am a bit specialized in Barak as with his five squads' issue. Barak told the soldiers: You must be ready because in case of war, the leadership might order you to enter Lebanon again. I want to tell Barak, Ashkenazi and Benny Gantz and I will use Barak's very terminology: On the anniversary of Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb and Hajj Imad I tell the fighters in the Islamic Resistance: Be ready in case a war on Lebanon might be launched, the leadership of the Resistance might order you to control Galilee. I tell Ashkenazi that you are wrong in your evaluations and predictions. For thirty years you were wrong in your predictions with respect to confronting the Resistance. You were wrong when you killed Sheikh Ragheb. You were wrong when you killed Sayyed Abbas. You are confessing now that you were wrong. You were wrong when you killed Hajj Imad. You will discover that you committed an absolute stupidity. You were wrong when you insisted on confronting a country and a people who is determined to defend their dignity and honor by the blood of their dearest youth – a people whose slogan was carved deep back in history: Disgrace, how remote!

There are people in the enemy entity who are practical and realistic. 

They do not hide before their fingers. Perhaps last year on this very day, I talked about airports and ports. The brethrens told me today that the first manager of Homa anti-rocket Project in the Israeli defense ministry whose name is Ozi Robeen – who is one of the developers of Alihitz system and the spying satellite and who is considered as one of the senior experts in anti-rocket defense system – made an advice to the enemy leaderships. Listen what does he says. Here I say that this is what protects Lebanon. In fact this is what now protects even more than Lebanon. What does this man say? He says: "Hezbollah can close Israel’s airports, ports, power stations and strategic stations. I only hope the Israeli people will have good shelters". His only hope is that the Israeli people may have good shelters. 

There is another point under the Israeli title: the assassination of Hajj Imad. This blood is still purchasing them. Worry and fear is still having control over them in their entity and abroad especially whenever the anniversary approaches. I will not go into details. However I would like to assure you that this still stands, and this decision will be executed God Willing in the right time and within the right aim. I tell the Zionist leaders and generals: Be careful wherever you went around. You must always make sure that you are still alive because the blood of Imad Mughniyeh’s will not go to waste.

We in Lebanon in confrontation with Israel have made justice and achieved stability. We have made justice in both its phases to a very great degree (I will not say to the maximum). The resistance movements from all the Lebanese forces and parties along with fighters and martyrs from the Palestinian factions could restore the right to its owners. So with the blessing of the blood of these martyrs, the people of Bint Jbeil returned to Bint Jbeil, the people of Jizine returned to Jizine, the people of Marjoun also as well as the people of Hasbayeh returned to their villages. The land, fields and houses were returned to their owners. The land returned to national sovereignty. 

This is one phase of justice. This was not achieved by the Security Council, America, international resolutions or anyone. It is rather the Lebanese and their Palestinian brethrens in Lebanon who could achieve this phase of justice with the support of Syria and Iran. 

The second phase of justice was achieved when many of the criminals were killed in the confrontation field. On of these criminals was the Israeli leader in the Lebanese territories Gerstein who was succeeded by Benny Gantz – the incoming Chief of Staff. This is to let you know who the Chief of Staff is. For the last year or two in Lebanon he was the head of the Israeli troops and the actual leader of the Lebanese Southern Army. It was he who was defeated. It was he who witnessed the defeat. It was he who pulled his troops in that humiliating scene. It was he who locked the gate between Lebanon and Occupied Palestine. So they appointed as a Chief of Staff someone who is already absolutely humiliated. He knows what Lebanon means, what southern Lebanon means and what the Resistance means. He was also the head of the land branch in the Israeli Army in July War 2006 which failed to break into Aita and Bint Jbeil. He is one of the leaders of the Israeli defeat in July War, and he has a long experience and knows what does Lebanon mean. 

We established justice with both its phases. The first phase is restoring the right to its owners and the second phase is punishing some of these criminals on the land through the act of Resistance. Thus we established stability. Since May 25, 2000 till the eve of July 12, 2006 – i.e. for almost six years the south, western Bekaa and Lebanon enjoyed a state of stability unequaled for 60 years. This stability was the result of the existence, act and embracement of the Resistance. The July War was a special project which has its own conduct and targets. It was part of a project schemed for the region but failed. 

Following the war, from August 15th till today, the Army, the Resistance and the people are securing stability unequaled for decades. 

So the Resistance is what makes stability and justice when integrated with the Army and the people. With this embracement we make justice and stability. We protect our land and borders and we do not protect the enemy's borders. Now I do not want to go into a debate which some resort to in bargains. Today what protects Lebanon is this balance after all these experiences. 

Turning to the Lebanese internal issues, it goes without saying that in the next few weeks there are many important events to take place. There are several topics that are always evoked again and again which I will mention briefly in the available time. 

As for the weapons of the Resistance, we have noticed from the speeches we heard so far that what remains of March 14 Camp is determined to bring up the issue of the Resistance weapons again. 
Actually, they have never abandoned evoking this issue even after the Army-People-Resistance balance was written in the ministerial statement. There is no problem. It was said that this is a point of national disagreement. That's true. We never claimed it is a point of national consensus. Today I say again it's a point of national disagreement. It was as such from the very beginning. It was as such before 1982 and after 1982. I do not want to tackle the pre-1982 era. However after 1982 and in the wake of the Israeli invasion in 1982, there was national disagreement on the issue of the Resistance. 

Brothers, weapons are just a detail. The essential dispute is over the issue of Resistance. Weapons are but a detail in the issue of the Resistance. We differ in Lebanon. We used to disagree and still disagree over the option of Resistance. This is the truth. By the way, that is not a source of condemnation to the Resistance. On the contrary, that's a cause of condemnation for those who since 1982 frustrated, betrayed, criticized and back-stabbed the Resistance. It's a shame on them and not on the Resistance. Some in the other party wanted to put as a clause in May 17 Agreement that limits the number of soldiers from the Lebanese Army who are allowed to enter the South, the quantity of their equipments, the kind of weapons they are allowed to use just like Camp David. Today we heard sad news which says that Israel allowed more troops from the Egyptian Army to go to Sinai. What is the reason behind that? It's so that they protect the gas networks that transfers the Egyptian gas to Israel. That means that if the Egyptian Army wanted to dispatch more troops to Sinai which is their own land for which they offered the elite among their officers and youths as martyrs, they need permission from the Israelis according to Camp David. 

It was demanded from this elite which is part of the other bloc on May 17 to agree that if the Lebanese government wanted to take a decision to dispatch a battalion or two or to increase its troops in the South or to send a definite kind of artilleries or weapons to take permission from the enemy's government!

But due to the act of Resistance, the Lebanese government can now meet and decide to dispatch 50 thousand soldiers to the South and the Israelis can't say one word. The government can send any kind of weapons to the South. It can move as it finds fit in the South. The freedom we achieved in the South is absolute, high-esteemed and sublime. It is a freedom which we deserve because of the blood of the martyrs and not due to agreements, submissions and humiliating negotiations. Yes we disagree over the option of Resistance and the arms of the Resistance. If anyone was in the past years lying and maneuvering let him say I do not want to lie anymore. We will be grateful as that would be excellent. Let everyone say what is in his heart. Let everyone say his true stance as this is an issue of national disagreement. 

In the past, we agreed to share in the national dialogue to tackle the defensive strategy. If your stance on the Resistance and the Resistance arms is final and decisive, then you tell us what the use of the national dialogue is. In fact we consider that our very sharing and acceptance of the national dialogue was a great concession on our behalf for the sake of uniting the country and openness to address our crises through dialogue and communication. So this issue is decisive. Well, let's not trouble His Excellence the President and the political leaders every two or three months. What do you need this dialogue for? Let's be through with it. However if people were ready for dialogue, we are always ready for dialogue because we are people of logic, evidence and a strategy which has proven all through history its validity, precision and soundness.

If you believe that daily speeches and statements might harm the Resistance and the arms of the Resistance, you are troubling yourselves because the issue is final though you have troubled us for six years by now. Today, the situation in the whole region is changing. O young men! Read very well and see what is taking place around you. The Israelis are reading. It is beneficial that all people read about what is taking place in the region. Insisting on getting engaged in this battle and turning it into one of the three topics of the new Opposition is insisting in getting engaged in a losing frustrating fruitless battle. That's what I want to say and it's up to you to do whatever you want to do. 

Now I will move to the second topic – the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. It goes without saying that we assert again that all of us in Lebanon want the truth and justice, and we assert that justice is a condition for stability. However after all these years and all what we have seen, I will make a quiet call for the leaderships of the other bloc and its masses also: Does the path of the international investigation and the STL lead to the truth and consequently to justice? That's because the condition of justice is knowing the truth. First we must reveal the truth and on the light of the truth we establish justice. When we establish justice we secure stability. Does the path of the investigation lead to the truth? 

We have seen the file of false witnesses from some of its perspectives. We listened to the way the investigation was conducted and managed. We have seen how it is an absolutely political investigation. The dialogue is absolutely political. This has no place in courts. This investigation took a definite path from the very first day. They did everything to drift the path in this direction. Many were done injustice against in this path. Then they moved it in another direction. Does this path - which is based on false witnesses, politicization, investment, avoiding other possibilities and judging before investigation and even before issuing accusation – lead to the truth? We are concerned as Lebanese – if we were committed to the truth - to discuss this issue and see if there is another path that leads to the truth. Yes, there is. If we sat and have discussion we will reach there. However you wasted this chance. When the national dialogue was headed by Speaker Nabih Berri and when the STL was evoked, we agreed and said that we are with the principle of the STL – the principle. In fact that was to respect the Lebanese nature, to show commitment to the Lebanese internal situation and to unite the Lebanese internal atmosphere and not because we were convinced with the STL and its fairness. However we clearly said that the special law of the STL must be discussed to achieve guarantees of justice and guarantees for revealing the truth. All the Lebanese know how the STL was smuggled. So from the very first day, there was a decision take the STL from its very foundation, structure and action towards a clear politicized direction. No one is allowed to make arguments to get guarantees of justice. 

If you want to proceed with the STL that has ignored all but one possibility and which is rife with false witnesses, leakage, politicization and corruption also; then go ahead. If in your opinion that leads to the truth, if what the indictment or trials in absentia announce is the truth, then act according to this truth. On the other hand, we will act on the light of what we absolutely believe is oppression. However, I whole-heartedly say that this path does not lead to truth and does not achieve justice. 

The third point in the Lebanese internal affairs is the government and what took place recently. What the other camp has been subject to is the result of mistakes they did. However, it is unfortunate that the mistakes they talk about are not the true mistakes. Their true mistakes are something else. They know very well that they did mistakes but they are uncertain about the mistakes they did. What took place is first the result of mistakes made by the other bloc and also a result of what the great project for the region has been subject to. The other bloc were part of the neo-conservatives (their dear friend Bolton and the administration of George Bush). There was a project attacking Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza. It was a project of hegemony and control, and they are part of this project and system. This is not to accuse them of betrayal or anything else. These are actual facts. Everyone knows the relation of this bloc with Feltman, Bolton and the former and current US administration. What is the relation of this bloc with the US system in the region and the regime of ousted Husni Mubarak? When there is a project which is collapsing and falling, it is natural that the adjoining parts would feel weak and feeble. Why are you surprised? Whoever wants to make a revision must view the issue as a whole. The US system which they worked as a part of is disintegrating and collapsing. It is natural then that there is a kind of weakness and collapsing. I call on them to review and make a realistic reading for the developments and not to blunder in identifying what is right and what is wrong. Much of what I heard from them and they supposed are mistakes were not mistakes. The mistakes are other things. 

We must return to the roots to discover the true mistakes. The first of these mistakes is being part of the US project in the region, and the biggest of these mistakes is being part of the US system in the region while the greatest of these mistakes is linking the fate of Lebanon to the fate of the US policies in the region. Moreover, one of the greatest of these mistakes is bullying our people and country with America, the West, the Security Council and the international resolutions as they are doing now. That means that they will perpetrate the very mistake again. That means let's go to America and make provocations in America – though America is stuffed with provocations. Let's also provoke France, the West, Britain, the European Union and the various Arab capitals – though most of them are now busy with their inner affairs – against PM Najeeb Mikati and the new government. Let's convince the whole world that this is the government of Hezbollah and Iran and Wilayat Al Faqih.

The very confrontation in principle was based on lying and oppression. They went back to the very previous mistakes. Do you know why the other bloc is feeling feeble and weak? It is because they are lying and being oppressive. They lie on themselves and on their masses and on the world. They know that this government is not that of Hezbollah. They are negotiating with PM Mikati and know everything that is taking place with PM Mikati. All the Lebanese and the foreign ambassadors also know that PM Mikati talks with Hezbollah as he talks with the heads of the other parliamentary blocs and political forces and that the man owns his own decision. He says yes, and he says no; I accept this and I do not accept that; this is appropriate while that is not. This is the truth. 

When you are oppressive against the man, you are harming the position of premiership. You are doing harm to the position of premiership. You accuse the man that he is affiliated to Hezbollah while he is not affiliated to Hezbollah. You accuse Hezbollah of forming the government while Hezbollah is not forming the government. Was Hezbollah forming the government, it would have been formed from the very first couple of days. 

That means that the means you are resorting to are not fair, honorable and sound. Now does dragging foreign US, western and European pressure on the government of PM Mikati comes to the interest of the nation? Why do you want to bully the government with the whole world? Is it for the sake of the weapons of the Resistance? Does that mean that if you bullied the government with the whole world you will be through with the arms of the Resistance? I have just told you a while ago that you would be troubling yourself to no avail. What would you do more than the Security Council and Resolution 1559, the US which was invading the country and July War? What will you do? This issue is over. Why do you want to bully the government with the whole world? Now let's be optimistic. They want to use US and western pressure on the US government to achieve political, fiscal and administrative reforms. That might be possible. They want to do so to confiscate the wealth of those who robbed the money of the Lebanese all through the past years. That might be possible too as is the case with other Arab countries. They want to reveal the truth concerning the fate of the 11 billion dollars or to address the Lebanese living crises. The former government was given one full year, but they are not ready to give PM Najeeb Mikati one full day! The former national unity government was given one full year, what did that government do and what did its head do? He used to fly from one country to another. How is it possible to run the administration of Lebanon while living like princes? That's impossible. Lebanon needs a premier and ministers in a government in its seat in Beirut to listen to people and address their problems, to feel their pains, poverty, deprivation and living crises. Lebanon needs a government that makes the people feel it is with them for better and for worse. Lebanon needs a government that makes the Army feel that it is with it and by its side in Adeisseh confrontation, and not always "taking rides". Every Lebanese is looking forward to a serious government, to a government which is fit of being responsible, to a government that undertakes all these missions and cases, to a government that listens to the people and not to ambassadors, and to a government that listens to the residences of Akkar, the North, Mount Lebanon, the South, Bekaa and Beirut and not to Feltman, Bolton, Connelly and other ambassadors. This is what we are looking forward to. They will show up and say this is an illusionary majority. Well, for four years we remained saying illusionary majority and we couldn't do anything. So say whatever you want. I used to say illusionary majority and you really were an illusionary majority. Today the current majority is the real one and the parliamentary majority has returned to the popular majority that was achieved in 2009. Today the parliamentary majority coincided with the popular majority. 

However, this argument leads no where. There is a designate premier. There is a government that will be formed. Will we be able to achieve through the new majority a government of this kind? This is what we must seek and care for. Much of the complications mentioned in newspapers are invalid. It is normal that any Lebanese government to be formed is in fact divided between Muslims, Christians and other sects and factions. It is also divided into portfolios which also vary in categorization. We are not concerned about that. The delay so far is related to the other bloc which is supposed to say its final word. That means that the designate PM still hopes that other forces might partake. We always care for having a national unity government. If there are people who want confrontation and want to bring about America, the west and fleets – if there are still fleets that might come for their sake – they are free. After all, in principle a national unity country must be formed. If that is impossible, it is also impossible that the country remains without a government. If this point is finalized, the parliamentary blocs and the other political forces which advocated charging PM Najeeb Mikati must make effort during the coming period of time to address this issue so that a serious government which assumes its responsibilities is formed in Lebanon. We look forward to the formation of such a government so that it would assume its responsibilities. 

In fact, on the 16th of February of every year, we recall the anniversary of these great leaders from whom we learnt to be patient and tolerant on one hand, determined, strong-willed, courageous and powerful on the other hand and willing to offer sacrifices and give with no limits from our blood and esteem thirdly. 

Today, surely we are in a stage in which we address our leader martyrs and all our martyrs saying that your chaste blood, and industrious jihad have – Praise be to God – led us to the era of victories. Since we knew you, listened to you, witnessed your jihad and smelled your chaste blood which was shed for the sake of the holiest cause we ushered into the era of victories and closed behind us the doors of the era of defeat.