22 October 2011

Occupy London Cultists

I know some people don't like Simon Jenkins being a rightwinger but he's exactly right in this article. The whole 'occupy movement' is obsessed with spectacle and has little substance or leverage to force change of the political-economic system we're living under. They compare themselves to the Egyptian uprising yet all they know about is the BBC/Guardian version of events there i.e. lots of Egyptians were sick of being ruled by a tyrant so they all camped out in a big square and refused to leave until he did and they won, which is bullshit. The 18 days in Egypt that got press coverage here were the culmination of years of struggles which included mass strikes involving millions of people and armed resistance (police stations were attacked with RPGs during the uprising, it was not non-violent). Nothing is going to be achieved by sitting on the floor wearing silly masks without any clear political platform other than culty sloganeering.

His heir is dead

19 October 2011

Saudi King Abdullah 'has successful back surgery'

The Saudi King is dying!
The Saudi King is dying!
And his heir has Alzheimers!
Ha, haha, haha!

Pro-Jordanian Monarchy bias in the BBC

"Jordan King Abdullah appoints judge Khasawneh as PM" The headline should be "Jordan King Sacks Cabinet."

All cry for the Israeli military

I really can't stand the Western press' coverage of the Arab-Israeli prisoner exchange. It's racist and biased beyond belief and all are guilty. Look at this Guardian article from that dreadful Harriet Sherwood. See even despite the title making it sound like there's some kind of balance if you read the article it's all about that one Israeli occupation soldier. The Palestinian prisoners get exactly one passing reference in the whole thing. Look at the propaganda in these words "The boy soldier, whose abduction" Since when has a soldier in a brutal army of occupation with a long list of war crimes and mas...saces to its name been a 'boy'. See if they ever refer to 19 year old Palestinian fighters as 'boys' to make them sound innocent. And since when do you 'abduct' a soldier of an army who's illegally occupying your land? You capture (or arrest) them. See if they ever use the word 'abduct' to describe Israel's capturing Palestinians from outside its internationally-recognised borders, the Guardian calls that 'arresting'...

Palestinian attitude to Israeli prisoner

"The people want a new Gilad," the crowd chanted...

Cameron only knows about one person being released

Cameron's joy at Israeli's release...

Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK

Signing is compulsory!

On Egypt

Egypt is still in a revolutionary state even if the people at the top haven't really changed bar the Mubaraks. The French Revolution wasn't a revolution in 1789 yet. The country is still seeing unprecedented levels of unrest and struggle for example today the textile workers union just won some concessions from the government over allowances after threatening to strike over the issue. These little workplace victories are happening almost on a daily basis and the Military Council seem impotent at stopping them. This kind of thing just wasn't happening a year ago. Eventually there's going to be some kind of standoff, the closest thing we've had to that lately was the storming of the Israeli embassy, after which the Military Council announced a ban on all demonstrations and that it was reimplementing the Mubarak-era emergency laws (defending Israel is their first priority as usual)

Another big issue at the moment is the Telecom Egypt workers strike. Last Sunday some workers took the CEO hostage demanding he resign and they're in prison now, they need to be got out.

The students are struggling too, there was a mini-battle at Al-Mansurah University today.

16 October 2011

Article on Al-Jazeera

Basically Al-Jazeera started because a load of good journalists wanted to leave BBC Arabic because it banned them from criticising Saudi Arabia. Then Al-Jazeera was created as a practical joke by the Qatari royal family on the House of Saud... to piss them off (they're constantly feuding). So Al-Jazeera got more freedom the worse Saudi-Qatari relations were. After the Mubarak was overthrown the Qatari royal family started to freak out and reconciled with the Sauds like never before to work together to crush the revolutionary wave, and thus Al-Jazeera became the channel of the Arab counter-revolution.

Getting desperate

This guy answers why the Iranian regime would undertake such a nutty plot to kill the Saudi ambassador/bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington DC. "Answer: They’ve done it before." His concrete source for this is "Saudi officials" told him.

15 October 2011

I thought the BBC had no advertising

This article is blatantly just a big advertisement for a consultancy firm for advice to Arab regimes on how to crush uprisings.

Racism in Zionist media

See how this article in the "liberal Zionist" Ha'aretz routinely refers to all Palestinians in Zionist jails as 'terrorists': "At first, Hamas demanded that Israel release 1,400 terrorists... It was decided that the release of 550 terrorists would be completed at a later date... Thus the sides arrived at the equation of 1,000 Palestinian terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier."

On this ridiculous Iranian plot story.

I personally do not understand how the corporate media in the US can report the following things about Manssor Arbabsiar and then go on to repeat with a straight face the US government charges that he was part of a high-level Iranian government assassination plot.

Labour would back 'free schools', says party's new education spokesman

If Miliband is really opposed to Free Schools he would sack this guy right now.

Nobody believes this fairy tale

How pathetic is the BBC (and most Western media for that matter). They even quote Hillary Clinton saying "The idea that they would attempt to go to a Mexican drug cartel to solicit murder-for-hire to kill the Saudi ambassador, nobody could make that up, right?" Yet they still show no sceptism over these far-fetched claims.

On the US' economic woes

Wahabi idiots

Ever noticed that Wahabbis (or 'Salafis' as they're sometimes being called now in the Western media, inaccurately) are always benefiting the forces of imperialism with their actions. Now they're busy attacking innocent Christians in Egypt giving the terrible Military Council excuses for repression and causing fitna amongst revolutionaries.
Saudi Arabia is essentially a British Empire creation (since adopted by the Americans). The first two Saudi states were attempts at destablising the Ottoman Empire and both collapsed despite British support, likewise with Ibn Saud (Britain ...paid him a salary of £5,000 a month). Wahabism is imperialism's favourite kind of religion (seeing how they've mostly accepted secularising the Muslim world isn't going to happen), irrational hatred of everyone which would barely exist were it not for the Western powers' unflinching support for the House of Saud. They don't want bombs going off in London but they've decided spreading fanatical lunacy around the region to 1. Divert Muslims away from jihad against tyrants and invaders and 2. To spread fitna and stupidness as Wahabis always do. The fact that doing do has the side effect of the occasional person going route and attacking their creators is a price worth paying (especially since they usually aren't capable of carrying out any real effective attack on Western imperialism on their own and just resort to random killing of civilians Zionist style). God willing we shall prevail against them all.

For those who enjoy comical nonsense statements from tyrants.

“When someone is hungry asking for food, you only give him what he needs,” Mr. Essebsi said, describing his go-slow approach to meeting protesters’ demands for jobs and freedoms. “You don’t give him more, or else he might die... Sometimes the proponents of freedom have demands that go beyond logic,” he said, “and it is more difficult to protect freedom from the proponents of freedom themselves than from the enemies.” Of course the New York Times is impressed by this imbecile.


Did you know Anwar Al-`Aulaqi has been invited to the Pentagon and US Congress by the US top leadership? Why is it that Al-Qaeda leaders all seem to have such high links with the US government?

Ethnic Cleansing in the Negev

While attention is focused on the Palestinian Authority’s UN recognition initiative, Israel is quietly taking hugely significant steps to transfer 30,000 Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev) desert from their ancestral lands.


"But those who exerted themselves in Our cause - these We shall guide to our ways. God will assuredly stand with the righteous." (29:69)

3 October 2011

Our salvation from economic misery at work

Firstly this 'help for small businesses' is an appalling idea, it effectively tells banks that you can lend money to whoever you want if it goes wrong the state will bail you out. As if that's never went wrong before. And apparently Osborne "attempted to align the Conservatives with middle Britain by extending a council tax freeze for a second year, saving a typical family £72 a year." Except that the VAT rise will cost families £448 - £525 (depending on who adds up) a year.

New York Times lying again

Today police in New York City allowed protesters from the Occupy Wall Street rallies to march onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Shortly after they arrested hundreds of protesters for blocking traffic on the bridge, even though they’d allowed them to enter it.

Egyptian Pipeline to Israel attacked

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Again. Cry Zionists Cry.

How to spot a racist entity

Outside the Israeli embassy in London, 1973: Ghada Karmi and Ellen Siegel.

Nobel Laureate in Economics calls for fake alien invasion to fix economy

Best idea I've heard yet.

Want to see some actual prejudice against Jews?

Look at the best rated comments on this article ranting about how an extremely minor change to a traffic light timer to accommodate Orthodox Jews is a threat to our civilisation. Then look at the worst rated comments and you'll find the comment Daily Mail readers are most appalled by is one that goes like this "I AM A JEW so feel free to red arrow me at this point...Please try and respect our communities needs even if you cannot understand us." Of course Zionists will not complain, they're too busy fabricating charges of antisemitism against people opposed to their racist usurping entity to notice.

26 September 2011

Ok. Maybe reform isn't so bad afterall

"A general was killed and 30 other troops loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh were taken hostage when tribesmen overnight attacked their base in the north, tribal sources and officials said today.

General Abdullah al-Kulaibi, head of the 63rd brigade of the elite Republican Guard unit, was killed in the attack by tribesman opposed to Mr Saleh's rule in the strategic town of Nihm, the defence ministry said in a statement.
Four of the attackers were killed during the attack on the military base, about 60 km from here, it said.

Yemen state television confirmed the assault on the military base but made no mention of hostages. It also claimed the attackers were gunmen from the Yemeni Islamist Islah (Reform) party."

Joy in Saudi Arabia - According to BBC

Oh everyone isn't it so wonderful, the BBC's favourite absolute monarchy has given women the right to vote in... well nothing. As you can all see on your TV screens Saudi (Occupied) Arabian citizens are dancing in the streets right now. All hail Feminist King Abdullah.