19 October 2011

All cry for the Israeli military

I really can't stand the Western press' coverage of the Arab-Israeli prisoner exchange. It's racist and biased beyond belief and all are guilty. Look at this Guardian article from that dreadful Harriet Sherwood. See even despite the title making it sound like there's some kind of balance if you read the article it's all about that one Israeli occupation soldier. The Palestinian prisoners get exactly one passing reference in the whole thing. Look at the propaganda in these words "The boy soldier, whose abduction" Since when has a soldier in a brutal army of occupation with a long list of war crimes and mas...saces to its name been a 'boy'. See if they ever refer to 19 year old Palestinian fighters as 'boys' to make them sound innocent. And since when do you 'abduct' a soldier of an army who's illegally occupying your land? You capture (or arrest) them. See if they ever use the word 'abduct' to describe Israel's capturing Palestinians from outside its internationally-recognised borders, the Guardian calls that 'arresting'...

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