22 October 2011

Occupy London Cultists

I know some people don't like Simon Jenkins being a rightwinger but he's exactly right in this article. The whole 'occupy movement' is obsessed with spectacle and has little substance or leverage to force change of the political-economic system we're living under. They compare themselves to the Egyptian uprising yet all they know about is the BBC/Guardian version of events there i.e. lots of Egyptians were sick of being ruled by a tyrant so they all camped out in a big square and refused to leave until he did and they won, which is bullshit. The 18 days in Egypt that got press coverage here were the culmination of years of struggles which included mass strikes involving millions of people and armed resistance (police stations were attacked with RPGs during the uprising, it was not non-violent). Nothing is going to be achieved by sitting on the floor wearing silly masks without any clear political platform other than culty sloganeering.

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