22 February 2011

Hezbollah Statement on Libya

Anyone with honour and consciousness in this world cannot, and should not, keep silent on the massacres that the Qathafi regime is committing across the country on a daily basis, especially in Benghazi. Terror and violence do not protect a regime that was founded on corruption and crime, from the will and determination of a people that has taken its decisive decision.

Hizbullah strongly condemns crimes committed by the Qathafi regime against the oppressed Libyan people. We also offer our sincere condolences to the families of those who were unjustly killed, just for demanding their rights. Hizbullah expresses support to the revolutionaries in Libya and we pray that they will triumph over this arrogant tyrant.

The criminality of this tyrant had first struck us deeply as Lebanese, when he kidnapped the Imam of the resistance Sayyed Musa As-Sadr with his two dear companions. We ask Almighty God that the honorable revolutionaries in Libya would be able to liberate Imam Sadr and his companions, just as they would be able to free Libya from all of its chains.

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