25 February 2011

Livni's lies

The Washington Post gets Tzipi Livni to say I like democracy but it's dangerous and can be used in a bad way (like by Arabs) and demands that they all prove their "commitment to the rule of law... adherence to international agreements" before being allowed democracy. Wait. This is the same person who just a month ago was quoted as telling the PA negotiators "I am against law. International law in particular. Law in general." Just looking through her criteria for regimes with elections to be considered truly democratic/not subject to international sanctions; that they "in word AND DEED" renounce violence, pursue aims by peaceful means, commit to the rule of law, equality before the law and adherence to international agreements; ALL of them rule out Israel. And if events continue on at this rate pretty soon Israel will be the only non-democracy in the Middle East. Livni's asking for it just like she was asking to be indicted for war crimes after going around boasting that she'd demanded the IDF 'demonstrate real hooliganism' in Gaza.

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