10 April 2011

Libyan uprising crumbles from within

"People in rebel-held areas want to know what the revolutionary council – a 31-person body that functions around a core of 11 people who have been publicly named and meet regularly in Benghazi – is doing about it. But they are getting few answers. The council's two principal leaders, Mahmoud Jibril and Mustafa Abdul Jalil, are hardly visible. Both men are, in any case, regarded by those dealing directly with them as sincere and well-meaning but lacking in either charisma or authority."

Oh they are not sincere or well-meaning. They're both former goons of Qathafi (who were by his side less than two months ago) who've hijacked and subverted the uprising on behalf of NATO. The quicker the Libyan revolutionaries get rid of them the better, in fact it's urgent that they do so immediately before everything is wrecked and all their sacrifices will have been for nothing.

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