4 April 2011

The subverting of the Libyan uprising

See how former Qathafi henchmen who hijacked the Libyan uprising are now wrecking it. The New York Times cannot understand why the "rebels" fortunes are fading, maybe because the people willing to die to overthrow the regime are not so willing to die for Qathafi's former Interior Minister?

"the rebels have turned for leadership to former government figures"

I must have missed the vote where the people who overthrew the regime's forces in Benghazi and achieved the initial successes of the uprising wanted Qathafi's goons to then take over. Mustafa `Abdul-Jalil was still a minister in Qathafi's government when half of the country had fallen outside of the regime's control. Now he's being crowned the "leader" of the uprising by the Western media though I don't remember anyone choosing him.

"There have been several hopeful signs. Experts on oil and the economy have joined the rebel ranks, and a spokesman prone to delusional announcements was quietly replaced."

Yeah "experts" of course means those who agree with the US government. And "delusional announcements" refers to anyone having crazy ideas about democracy or independence. Remember how the US talked about "April 6's highly unrealistic goal of replacing the current regime with a parliamentary democracy prior to the 2011 presidential elections." with Egypt? This article is basically a description of how the Libyan uprising was hijacked and sabotaged.

"But a White House official said last week that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was extremely reluctant to send arms to the rebels “because of the unknowns” about who they are, their backgrounds and motivations.

“It’s a moment in time where there is no real clarity,” said General Jones, who is now a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “But the things being worked on are being worked on to get that clarity.”

You see if the US was truly supporting the uprising it would have armed them. The main weakness of the revolutionaries was that they heavily outgunned by Qathafi's forces. But they won't do that because they don't trust them i.e. they might try to change the nature of the regime. But don't worry "things are bein worked on to" make sure the US can arm them i.e. the uprising is being hijacked by Qathafi's henchmen who will follow US orders. So what's going to happen here? The Qathafi regime is being overthrown by... the Qathafi regime? This is like supporting overthrowing the Zionist regime by replacing Netanyahu with Lieberman.

"The voice of Libyans is supposed to be represented by a national council, headed by the former justice minister, Mustafa Abdul Jalil... Mr. Jalil never had the same close ties to Colonel Qaddafi that Mr. Younes did"

So let me get the straight. The guy who was a minister in Qathafi's cabinet until a week AFTER Benghazi fell is relatively distant to Qathafi compared to the other "leaders" of the uprising. Will George Osborne soon declare himself the leader of UK Uncut? Would that be acceptable to anyone? The Libyan regime needs to be overthrown BOTH the Qathafi version (Libyan Regime 1.0) and the `Abdul-Jalil version (Libyan Regime 1.00001)

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