12 September 2011

Guardian deeply worried about Zionist Embassy staff (terrorists)

This is such a filthy article from the Guardian. Three Egyptians were killed by the goons defending the Zionist Occupation Embassy and their headline is 'Staff feared for their lives'. Imagine if British police raided an Al-Qaeda base in London (hypothetical...) and 3 officers were killed would the headline be 'Al-Qaeda members feared for their lives'. Look at the opening: "They came armed with sledgehammers, battering rams and a determination to drive the representatives of the Israeli state out of the Egyptian capital. By dawn, three people were dead and more than 1,000 injured" they make it sound like the sledgehammers and battering rams were used by protesters to kill and injure people. Anyone praising the Guardian's Middle East coverage to me can pack their bags for Guantanamo. This is the real nature of Liberals. They feel good for themselves cheering on Arab protesters so long as they follow their rules, but once the natives get out of line they're cheering on a military government/dictatorship as it 'restores order' against 'the mob'.

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