1 August 2011

Zionism = Racism

"Last year we discovered that there are many gentiles arriving at the beaches, but not in search of the sun or water," said Benzi Gopstein, one of Lehava's leaders.

"Due to the multiple complaints," he explained, "we decided to promote a campaign at the start of the bathing season this year in order to prevent situations in which girls discover that the 'Yossi' they are dating is actually 'Yusuf', prevent sexual harassment and assimilation.

"The volunteers handing out the leaflets are all seculars, as the religious public only visits segregated beaches, which don't have the Arab problem. We've also started distributing a clip on Facebook and YouTube and we hope the girls will open their eyes."

Note the bolded part, yet Ynet still gives the sideheading 'Religious Baywatch'. Ynet tends to act like racism or general stupidity in Israel comes from the religious sectors which polls show simply isn't true, the racism is everywhere. For one thing Orthodox or Haredi women don't go to beaches meeting men in the first place.

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