15 August 2011

Idiot West Midlands Police Chief

Watch this video from 2 minutes in. When asked if they had any intelligence on this they said "We had Twitter intelligence at lunchtime", is Twitter Intelligence an official police term now? So this is what they do all day, sit on computers looking on Twitter and Facebook pretending they're doing something useful. Oh and apparently they then "made a spontaneous plan". Doesn't the very nature of a "plan" kind of contradict spontaneousness? She means you had no plan and just made it up as you went along. Oh and she says we have the rioters on CCTV and will arrest them, admitting the police don't consider their job to prevent crime, merely to sit back and watch/allow it to happen and then arresting whoever they can later when it's 20 police officers against 1 person in their house. I assure you the vast majority of those who committed real crimes will not be touched and most of those arrested will not be the real criminals but just some unwise curious kids who went out to have a look and didn't know the right time to get out of there. The police are very brave against the weak but are too cowardly to go after real criminals. That's before I even mention the biggest criminals of all who created this mess in the first place (bankers, politicians, CEOs...)

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