19 August 2011

Cry Zionists

Once-safe Egyptian border becomes threat for Israel The Egyptian Revolution began when the gas supply to the thieving entity was cut off and the revolution will stay alive so long as the gas is still stopped. Having a safe southern border has been a key security benchmark of Zionism since the Camp David Accords. Once Egypt was taken out of the picture the terrorist state was able to launch attacks elsewhere at will e.g. the five Israeli invasions of Lebanon since 1978 (1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, 2006). The rules of the game have now been changed with the effective collapse of the Camp David regime in Sinai (and across all of Egypt.... God willing). Israel will not go down in one sudden burst, rather it shall suffer a series of defeats and failures until it is destroyed. Its annihilation is now one step closer with the Egyptian border becoming open for attacks again.

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