17 July 2011

The New Statesman can do better than the Zionist idiot propagandist Amos Harel

"Concrete barriers stand at the entrance to the village of Ghajar on Israeli-Lebanese border, November 2010. Photograph: Getty Images" Of course it is not the Israeli-Lebanese border but the Syrian-Lebanese border BOTH sides of which are occupied by Israel. And the article is written by the ignorant Ha'aretz reporter who with his partner wrote the book "34 Days: Israel, Hizbollah, and the War in Lebanon" which is a joke (for example did you know that "Bashar Gemayel" was assassinated in 2005?). They're completely wrong when they claim Iran has MORE influence over Hizbullah after 2006, Nasrallah does not take orders from Ahmadinejad and whoever thinks this doesn't know what they're talking about. Remember Ahmadinejad's visit to Lebanon? Nasrallah was clearly the dominant one throughout, for example Ahmadinejad was allowed to give a 30 minute (boring) speech to a rally in the South which everyone put up with and then when he was finally gone Nasrallah gave an hour long speech via videolink i.e. this was the main event not Ahmadinejad speaking from the stage. Hizbullah are not going to attack Israel just because Iran told them to or for some retaliation for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities (which I can't see happening anyway).

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