10 June 2011

You know your government is pretty nasty when Norman Tebbit emerges as the moral conscience

"For him, as an unelected member of the upper house and as an appointed and unelected primate, to criticise the coalition Government as undemocratic and not elected to carry through its programme is unacceptable.

"Dr Williams clearly does n
ot understand the democratic process. If he did, he would appreciate that elected members of the House of Commons are not mandated."

So you have to be elected to the House of Commons before you can criticise government policy as undemocratic? I'm not a fan of the Archbishop of Canterbury but who does this MP guy think he is saying its "unacceptable" for him to criticise the government? Surely anyone can do that in a free country? And anyway the Archbishop is elected, he's elected by the Anglican clergy to represent their Church and that's what he's doing, it's not like he has any power over the government. If the Archbishop of Canterbury were to carry out a coup, appoint himself the Supreme Leader of Great Britain and implement his own government policies then complaining that he wasn't elected would have some merit.

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