4 June 2011

Surprise surprise - Walid Jumblat is already abandoning his new 'allies'

Hezbollah making an alliance with Walid Jumblat was such a stupid move. He's already turned against them before the new government has even been formed. Even when Jumblat had just played a key role in attempting to shut down Hezbollah communications network in May 2008 Nasrallah called him a "thief, murderer, liar, and Israeli agent" yet still said he's willing to talk with him. Hezbollah are supposed to be a resistance movement not just another Lebanese political party with only interests. They didn't make any such alliances from 1982-2006 and they did just fine in those years. Why should they make alliances with Jumblat to get into the government of a state which was only created to serve Israel anyway.

The Lebanese state doesn't urgently need to be reformed, it urgently needs to be overthrown and dismantled. Reform is the agenda of Obama. To play the political game even if it means dealing with people they would rather not is one thing, but to make alliances with someone who even himself admits to working for the enemy during the 2006 invasion just to get into the government of a non-state created only to serve Israel is another thing, i.e. one step down the road that leads to Dahlan.

Nasrallah said in his speech on March 19th referring to the WikiLeaks documents published in Al-Akhbar "Someone asks the American ambassador to make Israel occupy Bint Jbeil. Another requests that the war not be terminated unless Hizbullah is demolished. A third requests what follows before war ends: multi-national forces at the Lebanese-Syrian borders. "You have to place whatever on the borders. You just have to keep Hizbullah away from victory". This is not an analysis, neither is it an emotion. This is an incitement of Israel - who is conventionally known as the enemy of Lebanon - to kill, shell, and destroy a part of the Lebanese nation, its Resistance, and its army." Although he doesn't directly name him one of these people is Jumblat who has since admitted that the things reported in WikiLeaks were true although he has now supposedly changed his position and now supports the resistance. Nasrallah said that some of these traitors have "revised its attitudes and political path and changed direction, declaring its support of the Resistance. Good, what do we want? This is it." Really? So is Nasrallah saying that if Antoine Lahd were to join March 8th tomorrow it'd all be fine? Apparently so, Nasrallah later said in that speech "I want the whole world to know that I say this is the noblest Resistance and these are the most honorable, sincere, and pure people because I know how others conspired against us and sought to demolish us. Still, on September 22, in the festival we organized to celebrate victory after the July War, I called on those who conspired against us and killed our companions and children to cooperate with us and build and protect Lebanon together." What is honourable, sincere or noble about that? You don't co-operate in building and protecting a country with known traitors who conspired against us and killed our companions and children, you honour those who were killed by vowing to bring to justice the killers, traitors, collaborators and conspirators. Hunt them down to the ends of the earth if need be. And that goes for every Zionist murderer too. When I saw the Gaza massacre taking place on TV I vowed to NEVER EVER EVER forgive those who murdered all those innocents and that I would do whatever I could to bring those terrorists to justice. I expect the same of Hezbollah regarding those responsible for killing 1,200 Lebanese just in the 2006 invasion (not counting the tens of thousands of other Lebanese killed in other Zionist crimes), and those responsible are not just Israelis.

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