7 June 2011

Isabel Kershner's latest hack job

See this propaganda from Isabel Kershner typically the Israelis are always just responding to Palestinian aggression. First "Israeli soldiers opened fire on those who crossed a new trench and tried to attack the border fence" so the Palestinians were first to "attack" then she says this "followed a larger, coordinated assault by demonstrators three weeks ago on four fronts — Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank" as if this was some kind of military invasion. And see how starting with "Israeli officials, who say they tried every nonlethal method of crowd control at their disposal before resorting to live fire" the article then devotes TEN CONSECUTIVE PARAGRAPHS simply to quoting Israeli officials and propaganda claims. In fact this article quotes:

"Israeli officials" (twice),
"Dan Gillerman, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations,"
[Israeli] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,"
[n Israeli] military spokeswoman, Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich,"
"an Israeli official,"
"Shlomo Brom, a retired general at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University,"
"Ehud Yaari, a
[n Israeli] leading Arab affairs analyst"

But it only quotes two non-Israeli sources. The first "the Syrian news agency SANA" that "22 protesters had been killed and more than 350 had been wounded" although this sole quote from a Syrian source is immediately followed by a quote from "Israeli officials" who "
suggested that the Syrian figures were exaggerated.
" So the New York Times will only quote a Syrian source so long as an Israeli source is immediately quoted straight after to dismiss its claims (and this never happens the other way round of course). The only other non-Israeli source is this "“The plan is to clash with the soldiers now,” said Muhammad Abu al-Nassar" which is only quoted because it makes the Palestinians sound like the aggressors and mentions a 'plan', which is used to back up the Israeli propaganda claims that this was a Syrian conspiracy.

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