4 June 2011

Hilarious Israeli Propaganda in the Western Media

...of the Day: The New York Times claims the Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel was not twice bombed by anti-Israel forces but by "Bedouin eager for a greater share of revenues from the pipeline." Sure. They then even twist figures to claim Israel was not getting Egyptian gas at way below market rates. The New York Times is incapable of reporting on not just any Israeli killing but any Israeli crime generally without providing a justification even when Israel itself is not providing one. However I endorse this statement they quoted: "A former deputy chief of Egypt’s court of appeals, Judge Mahmoud al-Khodheiri, recently expressed a common sentiment about the gas deal in an interview with Al Jazeera. “I consider the export of gas to Israel an act of treason, and we should stop it,” he said. “I salute the people who bombed the gas pipe because this is my blood that is being transferred to the enemy.” "

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