24 June 2011

Facebook poll for Egyptian President

Can't make too much out of a Facebook poll, but note the despicable `Amr Musa is in 4th place with 6% of the vote despite being repeatedly labelled "a frontrunner to become president of a democratic Egypt" simply because Saudi Arabia is backing him. And this is from the social group more likely to support him. As for Muhammad Salim Al-`awwa in second place he's pretty cool he defended the Hezbollah members who were imprisoned by Mubarak just over a year ago, He's been active in building good relations between Sunni/Shia Muslims and stop...ping imperialists creating and exploiting fitna, has criticised Yusuf Al-Qaradawi for making sectarian anti-Shia statements and supported Hezbollah in May 2008 during the March 14/American/French/Saudi conspiracy against the resistance. Of course the BBC/Guardian etc have never heard of him.

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