23 June 2011

DahlanWatch: Dahlan working with Egypt, Jordan and EU to return to power


DahlanWatch: "The sources said Dahlan was being quietly supported by at least two Arab states — Egypt and Jordan. They said Arab support for Dahlan was based on the assessment that he would be the key candidate for Palestinian leadership after the resignation of the 75-year-old Abbas. Dahlan has also been consulting with several Western nations, particularly Britain and the United States. The sources said the reception has been mixed within the United States, but more supportive in European Union countries who see Dahlan as a bulwark to a Hamas takeover. They said the bulk of his support comes from Fatah members in or from the Gaza Strip, which Dahlan virtually ruled until 2007." I like how the Western media acts like before Hamas kicked him out Gaza/Dahlanistan was some kind of nice place. Tell them whenever they describe the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007 as like the worst thing ever if they would prefer Dahlan and his gangs to still be running the place? Probably yes.

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