6 June 2011

Anatomy of Zionist terrorism

The second reason is the deterrence produced by IDF reaction during “Nakba Day.” Israel’s decisive response that day and the warnings issued by senior political and military leaders in recent days minimized the hopes for another significant achievement like the Majdal Shams border breach. It also made it clear to potential protestors that they may pay a terrible price for a brief TV appearance, the first and possibly last of their lives. This paragraph is him boasting that Israel consciously kills unarmed Arab civilians so as to terrorise (no wait, produce deterrence is their term) others not to defy its will. But wait as always Israelis also have a self-contradicting excuse explaining how they didn't really mean the carry out (another) massacre it just kind of happened (again). "Most of those shot were wounded, and those killed were apparently moving fast, thus making it difficult for snipers to hit accurately. Alternately, they may have died as result of blood loss during the lengthy evacuation process." So it's the Palestinians fault for moving too fast so Israeli snipers couldn't shoot accurately enough and then not evacuating the wounded (whilst under Israeli fire) quickly enough. And also just look at the racist undertones in that headline, I wonder if an article entitled "Judgement of Jewish failure" would be acceptable. This is why Israel performs so badly in real wars (a la Lebanon 2006), they seem majorly impressed that their military managed to fight off a few hundred refugees armed with a few flags. Look at the comments "Arabs = Losers" and "Well done IDF!" The IDF spends the vast majority of its time battling (as AP would put it) unarmed civilians.

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