21 May 2011

Obama's speech

I only watched half of it I couldn't stand any more it's so vile. In fact I almost smashed my laptop when this snake dared bring up Muhammad Bouazizi, as if he thinks anyone will believe he really sympathises with the plight of poor Tunisia...n street vendors. Did you hear when he said that for decades the US 'has pursued a set of core interests in the region... securing the flee flow of commerce' oh so oil is pronounced 'com-merce' now. And he says he believes it's not in anyone's interests to see a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and condemns Iran, as if we don't know that Israel is the only state in the region with nuclear arms. Oh but he means by 'no nuclear arms race' that only Israel should have nuclear arms. The speech was pretty boring anyway, he said nothing new. I don't see what the point of it was really. We've all heard the 'I want reform' statements before, he even dared to praise the Bahraini government and supported them in their claims that the protests are all an Iranian plot. Then he spent the next part of his speech attacking Iranian hypocrisy for supporting some protests and not others. That must be some kind of super-hypocrisy. Accusing someone of a form of hypocrisy that you yourself just engaged in. Go back to sleep Barack. You're irrelevant.

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