30 May 2011

The IMF versus the Arab spring

The biggest joke going round at the moment, that "the West" (which really just means the US, UK, France and maybe Germany nowadays) is funding any pro-democracy movement in the Arab world. We're expected to believe that they just decided that democracy is a good thing in Egypt and Tunisia now after strongly supporting the dictatorships there since WWI. But why are they only funding 'democracy' in those countries? Why not Saudi Arabia? Or do they only call for democracy in Arab countries where the Western-backed dictator has just been overthrown. Anyhow, you'd think if they were interested in democracy they'd wait for free elections to happen so they can deal with an elected government before pushing forward these agreements. But no. They're desperately trying to get them done as quickly as possible before elections. Giving billions of dollars to an unelected, unaccountable military junta is 'funding democracy' according to the BBC.

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