16 May 2011

Crazy conspiracy theories from the BBC analyst

According to the BBC's Middle East expert Jim Muir the Nakbah demonstrations were an Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah plot. This is just hilarious. Apparently "To allow a controlled burst of tension on the borders with Israel might have been seen by the Syrian regime as serving several useful purposes: to divert attention from its internal troubles, and to burnish its nationalist credentials of steadfast resistance to Israel." Oh yeah. What the Syrian regime really wants to do now is divert attention towards the fact that Israel has been occupying its territory for 44 years and stealing its lands without any resistance. That'll really 'burnish its nationalist credentials of steadfast resistance to Israel', reminding everyone how the regime kills Syrians demonstrating against the regime at will yet does nothing when Israel occupies its lands and kills people on Syrian territory. Get real. The occupation of the Golan Heights is a national humiliation/scandal and the recent events are an embarrassment for the Syrian regime. He really has no clue. And on Hezbollah, really this guy thinks there's any chance of Hezbollah forcibly stopping tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees from protesting at the border on Nakbah day? That would tarnish their reputation so much even if they wanted the protests not to happen I doubt they'd consider interfering. If Hezbollah wanted to really put their weight behind things they could have mobilised tens of thousands of their own Lebanese supporters to demonstrate too, but they didn't.

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