8 April 2011

Videos from Syria

Some videos from the demonstrations in Syria today. The first is from a mosque in Dar`ah which is being used to treat the wounded. The second shows a demonstration in Damascus, they're chanting "God, Syria and freedom only"*. The third video shows a demonstration in Hims. They chant "With blood, with spirit we will redeem you oh Dar`ah". And finally there's a demonstration in Dar`ah which has become the Sidi Bouzid of Syria. They're chanting "God is Great", "the people want the overthrowing of Al-Asad" and "We are the struggling people of Syria" or something, it's difficult to make that one out.

*That's a response to Syria's motto during the Al-Asads' rule (both father & son) -"God, Homeland, President" in another protest the loyalists chanted "God, Syria and Bashar"
(thanks Maria)

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