8 April 2011

Unlike this propaganda piece

A 16-year-old Israeli boy was critically wounded on Thursday when an antitank missile fired out of Gaza struck a school bus in southern Israel, according to military officials, setting off a new round of hostilities along the Israel-Gaza border. Oh so this has just set off a new round of hostilities has it? So Israel had not been bombing Gaza for the last couple of weeks and killing Palestinians even when they didn't fire anything at Israel? Oh and look at the pictures at the side; we get a picture of an Israeli civilian bus that had been hit and below smoke from a "Hamas training camp". The lesson being that Palestinians attack Israeli civilians, Israel attacks Palestinian military targets. The New York Times however will not show you pictures of the five Palestinian civilians killed by Israel yesterday. But when Palestinians from Gaza kill an Israeli civilian (which hasn't happened in over two years) the New York Times will devote an entire article to giving the Israeli victim's life story. 

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