7 April 2011

Poll finds 100% of Egyptians have phones

When will these people learn that phone* polls are not a good way to measure public opinion in Egypt, where 34% of the population is illiterate and the median wage is $2,000 a year? Egypt's population is 83 million and it has 10.8 million phone lines . How representative do you think that sample is? This poll also found that Al-Wafd has more support than the Muslim Brotherhood, now I'm not a fan of either party but that's a joke. And Ha'aretz shows its typical ignorance of Arab affairs "nearly 50 percent prefer the secular Wafd Party led by Egypt's former foreign minister, Amr Moussa" `Amr Musa is not the leader nor has he ever even been a member of Al-Wafd... Its leader is As-Sayyid Al-Badawi.

Pollsters surveyed by telephone 615 randomly chosen people from across Egypt.

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