19 April 2011

No to Mustafa Al-Fiqqi

This is so funny. Mustafa Al-Fiqqi is now claiming that Mubarak hated him all along and that he was "forced" to join the NDP and defends himself with “I was part of a corrupt regime, but I was not myself corrupt." Oh really. Explain that one. He was one of Mubarak's leading propagandists until a couple of months ago. Soon after the uprising began he made a big speech to the Egyptian Parliament arguing that the emergency laws must stay in place and defended the filthy gas giveaways to Israel. Shame on "Revolutionary Egypt" that this crook is its candidate for Secretary General of the Arab League. This video shows Mustafa Al-Fiqqi being kicked out of Tahrir Square I think the day before Mubarak was overthrown:

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