17 April 2011

"New targets" for NATO in Libya

I thought bombing Libya was only to protect civilians? Now NATO is going extend military strikes from Qathafi's military to "strategic logistical targets" (read: civilians). "strategic logistical targets" is a propaganda euphemism. If it's not a military target then obviously it's a civilian target, but they won't say that directly. This is what they always do when they bomb countries to bring down or put pressure on their governments. Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia etc. Attacking a country's civilians is an effective way of twisting the government's arm. They know Qathafi will be in trouble when his state infastructure is being blasted to pieces and he can't run the country any more that's what. The inevitable civilian deaths don't factor into either his or NATO's calculations. They're like ants to them. You know when you walk down a street from one place to another you kill lots of ants by treading on them. That's how they see Libyan civilians. Just ants whose lives are worthless and needn't be taken into consideration as they work to achieve their goals. And anyway remember when this talk of intervention started it was supposed to be a no-fly-zone? See how quickly we've gone from merely shooting down Qathafi's bomber aircraft to protect civilians to bombing Libyan infastructure. If the rebels don't have the supplies Qathafi does then why doesn't NATO supply them? NATO refuses to allow this. It insists on bombing instead. And for what? What the hell are NATO even doing here in the first place? What right do they have to bomb a country which never attacked them? So should Libyans feel honoured that their loved ones were killed by NATO and want them to drop more bombs on them? What is the mission? They don't even seem to know themselves (just that they don't want a popular rebellion to succeed in Libya and want to keep the country under their control). They're putting Libya through civil war and destruction for what? To replace Qathafi with... a cabal of thugs who were Qathafi's former ministers until a couple of months ago. And all these dead are worth that? So Sarkozy and Cameron can look tough? To hell with them all.

Oh and meanwhile the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are invited to the royal wedding.

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