7 April 2011

Mullaney backtracks

She shouldn't have accepted his apology. These were hardly "in the heat of the moment" remarks, Mullaney has a long history of making such slurs and continued despite warnings. And with all due respect to Yaqoob this is not just about her, a politician spewing vile anti-Muslim bigotry/conspiracy theories all over the newspapers in a certain climate has wider consequences beyond any hurt feelings she might have. Look at his obviously insincere apology:

"I have been made aware of a couple of formal complaints to the City Council's Standards Committee about comments that I recently made relating to you on the Re-Stirred website which could be potentially have been damaging to you.

I recognise that my comments were unfounded, insensitive and overstepped the mark in terms of the Code of Conduct for Members. As such, I apologise, unreservedly, to you, the complainants and the members of the City Council's Standards Committee for those remarks and the hurt that they, undoubtedly, caused.

I hope this draws a line under the matter."

Honestly, he mentions the City Council's Standards Committee not once but TWICE, in his APOLOGY!??? Can he get more unsubtle with his "I'm only apologising because I've been told to" message?

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