27 April 2011

Hamas and Fatah sign unity deal

This is an Egyptian story as well. Egypt was supposedly mediating between Hamas and Fatah but really the Mubarak regime was totally biased against Hamas and it went nowhere for years. Mind you Hamas didn't seem to notice this and kept referring to the ghastly torturer `Umar Sulayman as their friend and brother, thank God he's out of the picture although we may still have to deal with Hamas ineptitude. It's quite amazing how the new Egyptian government despite being only a moderate change from Mubarak (but there's still a lot of progress to be made in that department God willing) and having many other things to be dealing with the country still experiencing much upheaval they still managed to arrange a deal in a few days between parties who seemed irreconciable. Egypt has real influence again, Zionists will tremble at the prospect. However we still don't know the details of this unity deal, so I'm withholding judgement on the deal itself for now. I don't want unity with collaborationist gangsters afterall.

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