5 April 2011

Goldstone caves in

This is all irrelevant really because a 575 page UN commissioned report by a team of experts (not just Goldstone) can't be undone by an op-ed in the Washington Post which really says nothing anyway. He doesn't directly retract a single sentence of the report. And anyway there are plenty of other reports of the Gaza massacre which all say the same things, in fact I'd say Goldstone's was the most moderate in its conclusions. The best one is the report by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch's report on the white phosphorus attacks is also really good. An interesting thing about this whole story is that it's got the Gaza Massacre back into the news yet again. It's amazing that it was over two years ago and still it's in the news, it has become notorious in fact. Most Israeli wars/attacks/massacres are forgotten about in the West within a few weeks, but this one has come with periodical reminders like no other. It shows that no matter what tricks they try Israel just cannot escape the ghosts of the 1,400 people it massacred in Gaza; their blood is haunting them.

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