7 April 2011

Believe the policeman, not your eyes.

Mr Ryder said: "At the time you pushed him did he have his back to you?"
PC Harwood answered: "From what I perceived and from the angle I saw no."
Mr Ryder said: "That is rubbish. I was there and I saw what I saw.
"From the angle I saw him at he was moving to the police line."
PC Harwood then asked if Mr Ryder wanted him to answer from his perception at the time or on having seen the video clip.
Mr Ryder said: "The truth please, what is the truth did he have his back to you?"
"No," said the police officer.
Mr Ryder said: "You are lying PC Harwood, I suggest, and you know it."
"No Im here to help," the suspended Territorial Support Group officer replied.

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