4 March 2011

Washington Post backs Qathafi's thesis

Can you believe the Americans are still playing the it's either US puppet dictatorships or Al-Qa`ida game in the Arab world? These psychopaths have had absolutely nothing to do with the Arab uprisings and will not benefit from them. They only exploited anger against the Arab criminal regimes and Israel's massacres to win recruits for their own ends, they were not principally opposed to them in fact they were quite happy for them to continue. Osama bin Laden was delighted when the US invaded Iraq. Al-Qa`ida are like a Leninist group, Lenin used to say we want don't want to fight for better conditions for workers in Russia we want their conditions to get as bad as possible so they'll be in such anger and despair that they'll support us and we can use their support to get into power. That's what Al-Qa`ida are like. They are not happy at recent events at all.

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