16 March 2011

Remember Bahrain

The Telegraph seems to be blaming the rise in oil prices on Iran for criticising the Bahraini dictatorship for massacring its citizens. And they dismiss this as "tensions between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims" to make it out like it's something inevitable when really this has little to do with sectarianism. Many of the Bahraini opposition are Sunni as the Western media knows but it describes them as "Sunnis joining Shia protests" to toe the party line without realising they're contradicting themselves. The people of Bahrain are so alone. They're now fighting against their dictatorship AND Saudi Arabia directly. If Iran was serious about it's supporting them it would intervene on their side but it just lets the Saudis invade its neighbours at will to keep its puppet regimes in place. I'm sure the Iranian regime will issue very strong condemnations, as if that compensates for their lack of actions.

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