29 March 2011

Police lies

This fits well with my experience. We were locked in the building and told we couldn't leave because there was some kind of major rioting going on just outside (they wouldn't even let us near the windows to see what was happening). Then at 6pm they told us we need to leave now and that "there is no trick" and we would be free to go. Then they arrested us all for aggravated tresspass and criminal damage. I wasn't that bothered by it because I didn't trust the police from the start they always lie, but still their case is so ridiculous. They accused us of criminal damage when all of that was done on the street outside while he had been locked inside that shop by the police so we have an obvious alibi. And as for aggravated tresspass how could we have committed that crime when the police were banning us from leaving? Say hello to a wrongful arrest payout.

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