7 March 2011

Collage of footage of the storming of SSI Headquarters

Egyptian protesters managed not to only to encircle the fearful building by thousands but they have also entered it for the first time not as detainees blindfolded but actually as victorious revolutionaries who had enough from that castle of terrorists.

A full-waged war started against the dreaded State Security apparatus, known as Amn Dawla in Arabic, after news was filtered that this notorious organisation was burning and shredding dossiers and documents. Thousands of youth assembled themselves online, again on Facebook, after a call went out for Egyptians to surround all state security buildings across the country today.

Egypt: The Day The Secrets Were Revealed

The video speaks for itself. We stormed into the notorious political police main HQ in Cairo after the authorities didn't dismantle the apparatus. We did it ourselves.

The end of the video shows an former Islamist detainee who discovered an electric torture tool explaining how he was tortured on it.

Glory to the martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution.

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