3 March 2011

Egyptian PM Ahmad Shafiq resigns

Or is sacked. It's not clear what happened yet, the first we heard about his leaving office was the Egyptian military announcinging it on their Facebook page. This is probably related to his disastrous performance on Egyptian TV last night where he debated opposition figures Hamdi Qandil and `Ala Al-Aswani. He was clearly not used to dealing with smart people so staunchly opposed to him and the regime and handled it very badly constantly losing his temper and insulting people. In fact such a show was unprecendented in Egypt. Also there are major demonstrations planned for tomorrow (Friday) demanding (amongst other things) the removal of Ahmad Shafiq, so the military possibly decided after his fiasco they better get rid of him. Of course the demonstrations are still on and this will only strengthen the hand of those who demand the overthrow of the Camp David regime. We're living in revolutionary times.

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